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"Precision serious fraud" recommended the introduction of "personal information protection law" new network – in August 26th, Xu Yuyu of Shandong Telecom fraud case cracked. In an interview with the Shandong incident, the suspect is located in Fujian, Shanghai, the reporter learned that the current online sale of personal information has formed a black chain, the sale of information "targeted delivery, accurate personal information leads to" precision fraud "serious harm. The proposal to introduce a special personal information protection law, increase the protection of personal information in the network era. In the case of Xu Yuyu, it was the fraudsters who provided accurate personal information that led to her being deceived, grief stricken over death. Currently, the public security departments have arrested fraudsters, are investigating the source of personal information leakage. Reporters from the Shandong provincial Party Committee United Front Work Department, Poverty Alleviation Office, Department of Education jointly issued a document to understand, ID card, the applicant need financial aid materials to apply for a corporate sponsorship and a copy of the original account, admission notice and a copy of the original, as well as a detailed personal information form. The application form and a copy of the need to go through the county, city and province level three and united front education, poverty alleviation and other departments, grants and enterprises and bank specific grant funds, a total of 11 units to grasp the basic information of the recipients. An educational cadre at the grassroots level, said that each unit can access to the student information is more than one person, count down there are dozens of people can access the information. Personal information trading has become a black industry chain. Reporters at the Riga in the QQ group a "marketing data provider" phone that want to buy personal information had come, he immediately sent a Lichuan fifth middle school in Hubei province 100 students information list, including name, birth date, ID number, home address, parents name and the telephone. This "information intermediary recommended said:" rural less money, the big city is not easily deceived, you buy three line city. 800 yuan can buy ten thousand students and parents information, you can also use other data to change, for example, the mother and child information for the 10 thousand student information, such as." The sources of information, the person has just said "carefully conceal mentioning, special channel." The reporter called one of the parents to check that all the information was correct. The parents were very surprised and angry. The reporter interviewed the public security, information security and other departments understand that the main way of citizen information disclosure has three kinds: one is used by criminal hacker program intrusion commercial, government portal website, steal personal information. Two is to grasp the personal information of citizens of enterprises and institutions and even state organs to sell information for profit. Three personal information is caused by poor information disclosure. Xu Yuyu case, the suspect received the victim’s personal information, accurate implementation of fraud. In this regard, the police have pointed out that the incidence situation, leakage of personal information of citizens of crime is rampant, even out of control. In Quanzhou, Huian cracked a telecommunications fraud case, the suspect confessed, they buy on the Internet students, parents, car buyers and other information, information)相关的主题文章: