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Only ten students in the two generation of   mountain primary school; teacher education to relay to mountain primary school teachers and students for a photo, the back left back right Zheng Ji, Liao Meixiang 2. Early autumn in Longyou stone village to village, at an elevation of 800 meters on the mountain temperature is low and the scent of Osmanthus mountain. To mountain primary school teaching point at the top of the hill, a 53 year old substitute teacher Liao Meixiang and 27 year old female teacher Zheng Ji with ten children in the playground. In charge of education, deputy governor of Longyou county people on the two teachers are full of gratitude: the reason why the strong mountain teaching points can persist for decades, the key lies in the two stick to the heritage of a good teacher. They stick to every day, so that children grow up in the mountains." Only ten students in the mountain primary school, two generation teacher to relay the first generation: Liao Meixiang as a substitute teacher for 32 years to the mountain primary school, grade from kindergarten to the third grade. Read the third grade, central primary school students came down to the village school. Longyou County Stone Township Center Primary School branch secretary Xu Jianqing told reporters that the village there are hundreds of families, there are a considerable number of school-age children. In grade three, the child can not adapt to boarding life, only the nearest school. The 53 year old Liao Meixiang is a native of the village people, in the mountain primary school substitute teacher has to do to the whole 32 years. In 90s, when the primary school or primary school, there are more than 100 students. As the population continues to move down the mountain, fewer and fewer students. Liao Meixiang is a teacher, a few years ago, the school is only one of her teacher, she should not only teach the language of mathematics and natural music sports, but also to take care of the children’s eating and sleeping and napping. So many years, Liao Meixiang wages rose from 24 yuan per month to more than 2000 yuan, Liao Meixiang said." Liao Meixiang said: the students stay here are not good family conditions, single parent families and left behind children, if there is no school, they may lose the chance to go to school." Support Liao Meixiang so many years have been able to go on the power, is the children from her step by step down the mountain. On holidays, the students all over the country brought her blessing, is her greatest happiness. "Even if there is only one student, I will choose to stick to it." Liao Meixiang said. Second generation: Zheng Ji in the day, when one day a good teacher and Liao Meixiang is different, Zheng Ji Cobain normal students, through the teacher recruitment examination came here last year. In the preparation of stone Township Central Primary School, is a formal teacher. To village road is gravel road circling, is also the Longyou rally track, with insurance, bad name. To vigorously mountain, Zheng Ji sometimes feel empty lonely cold, and children together to work fine, behind the silence of the mountains, the villagers Zheng Ji strange, often at a loss. "The mountain is too far too difficult to walk, often go home is unlikely, because communication is narrow, it is difficult to find a boyfriend. I will eventually leave the mountains, but I promise that I will be a competent teacher in one day. I like children, but also like the education industry." (reporter correspondent Ye Zhiyi Sheng Weiwen (photo) (Intern), commissioning editor: Hong Fangfang Lin Lu)相关的主题文章: