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The official micro-blog can "micro-blog" in October 29th, Shandong Heze Juye county court in the official micro comment Baoqiang Wang divorce case, because of suspected behind Ma Rong was criticized friends. Juye court today informed that the release of the staff of micro-blog has been criticized and transferred post. Court official micro improper remarks published, although micro-blog administrator personal behavior, but after all, in the name of the court, the court should apologize. But on behalf of a department official micro-blog can easily be used by the administrator, the problem still need to reflect on. Juye county court said the improper remarks because micro-blog executives did not strictly comply with the relevant work system caused by. In other words, the unit in the management of micro-blog is related to the system, but did not comply with the administrator, and the emergence of chaos". Although the Juye court apologized, but his remarks on the official, the credibility of the damage can not be underestimated, it is not correct, after the explanation could completely eliminate the effect of the. Administrative micro-blog disorderly speak once become a phenomenon, some time the public will eat no: what is the official statement, or administrator in personal talk? And this kind of thing happens repeatedly, some departments of the official micro management if you do not think of improvement, still completely handed over to the administrator of a person, is tantamount to taking public letter joke. In my opinion, administrative micro-blog the emergence of these problems can be avoided completely: in addition to the establishment of management system, should also specify a set of strict rules, make administrative micro-blog speak only after examination and approval can be issued to a person, rather than the micro-blog administrator will be able to complete all operations. Otherwise, for some quality is not high, the fiery administrator, administrative micro-blog will become "micro-blog administrator", accidentally or "yiyanbuge", the administrator will be in administrative micro-blog freak.相关的主题文章: