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"Nine sky" ending child heart to Fuling jade Yuhuang white head [Abstract] summer fantasy drama "nine sky" yesterday ending, but easy to Fuling Yuhuang white head end ashes to ashes a child cry audience, that all users have said to the writers to send blade. On the evening of 24, "nine sky" finale in the on-line video Tencent, micro-blog and creative who have made this drama farewell, a strong feeling of the words between distressed at parting. In this great dismay accumulation in the heart last night, distinguished members of the early video Tencent took a good small bench in front of the screen. But I never expected that BE would come and be like a tornado. Most people can not tolerate, "Honeybells couple" didn’t! In! A! Play! Throughout the whole drama of the star goddess of yin and Yang Pei fit, easy Fuling tuoshen flora as the final star, ashes to ashes. But the wind was Tingjun Tianyi white guards change life, we love life has claimed flora. For the end of this child heart, the netizen said that he could not breathe, screenwriter waiting to receive the blade! Today, after that threatened to send Bo Duke blade, quipped to tell users the address of the director. As a result, the comments were blown up again, and the fans were serious. "We don’t send the blades. We’re going to send them."! We are serious!" What is the baby’s abuse fans? Listen to us one by one. Easy Fuling heart only but for Bai Tingjun "Tianyi wind" sky city "ashes to ashes" Kyushu Tencent since July 20th in the video online, click break 1 billion 300 million, and occupy B TV station charts. It’s around the topic: from the original V, cosmetic contact lenses, flying eyebrow "Ray form" to "a set play the other ten sets" linked to the rhythm, yiyanbuge God reversal of the story, of course, each set of necessary "Danger ahead!" (OST). How many friends, at the beginning of the hot eyes, too! As a result, ray ray into the pit, on the poisoned, became a distinguished member. Last night, the last four sets of Tencent video update, the summer of 2016, which is also a big drama in the end of the two. Users are most concerned about the couple did not Campanula together, spicy eyes cry! The 25 episode, the wind is accident that he and Yi Tianyi Fuling life support is easy to Fuling secret: he is the star goddess, goddess of fate we love, two people weren’t meant to be, otherwise flora holds the body will ashes to ashes. This moment, to protect his wife kuangmo line. The wind would be the one and only of Yuhuang Tianyi easily Fuling, "even if the upside down, the end of the world, I would rather be condemned, also want to protect you, know the truth to Fuling fantasy and losing Yuhuang together until the teeth. Easy face holding Yuhuang Fuling said, "girl, I love to see you smile", easy Fuling jiaochen back two words, "come on". "I’ll make trouble," Hahwang Ichi put the easy Poria, sue to fry. If the ending stops at the moment, the writer probably won’t get the blade. The fact is, the couple turned into "Campanula ah, hurt each other" mode. Easy to change Fuling full of joy bride makeup, but the wind tayee huihun. Her life force, did not think it was for the cold wind Tianyi "die die far point". Even so mean and easy!相关的主题文章: