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[network] Kennedy CLS Shuangseqiu 16135th red special point double color red number principal value rate analysis of       key value rate of No. 11 main value rate code 11, is a warm point state out of the ball, this period gradually to each section respectively and extending across points respectively extend at the same time in the two region segment pick up should lead to attention, focus on the three location number: 01020307 the main rate of ball tip: 01020307 the watch value rate prompted 09 double color red even the code analysis of           even the number: 11121314 balls are optimistic about the three District in contrast, strong tail echo, suggested that the dispersion of the ball in the three regions, the number of attention after impact to continue in two areas, so the number of center still to the two area as the center of the stage. Analysis of the rate of   high value code flagship tip 11123233 double color red;         high rate value number: 33 high value in high rate code segment distribution area three, rising force point to high-end, mainly in the three areas, this period is expected to force by the point spread to extend the area surrounding the 20222425282932 number as the focus of attention, 25 points as the center of a circle number of high value number prompt 22242528 color red cold code analysis of             cold point: focus on the direction of 14 yards with two cold area number is gradually warming up to the surrounding areas, the cold temperature is expected to code to a halt in two areas, to point out the cold code ball number 15162326 but the area still need to strengthen the defense of cold cold code code prompt 2432 color selection, eliminate red sublimation Code analysis of         (on the comprehensive selection scheme, for reference only, the draft is only for the CLS telepresence brand, without permission, do not reprint excerpts) featured basic number 15 ball: 01020307080911 12  22242528303233 select the key code 8 goals: 0102091224283233 aspects to consider, this group has a higher number of number the hit rate, suggestions and special tips in number value self combination rate相关的主题文章: