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National Day holiday information as early as: 3 days before the haze after cooling for the past 4 days – near the national day, most people choose to go out to play, in order to release the pressure. To this end, JINGWAH Times reporter summed up a few pieces of information in advance to solve your troubles in the holidays. 1 the seven day holiday weather four days of haze, three days after cooling yesterday afternoon, reporters learned from the Beijing Meteorological Bureau, according to the current meteorological data analysis, is expected to gradually deteriorate air pollutants in the night of September 30th to October 4th in Beijing, the diffusion conditions, the night of 1 to 4 during the day and mild to moderate haze, poor visibility. Affected by cold air, 5 to 7, the temperature will be significantly reduced, especially in the morning and evening temperatures are low, but gradually improved visibility, outdoor activities should pay attention to wind and warm. According to the Municipal Meteorological Bureau experts, September 30th -10 month 7 Japanese city of cold air activity, but the force is weak, the overall temperature is higher than the same period the year before, the temperature gradually increased, from October 1st to 3 on the plain area of the highest temperature during the day rose to 27 degrees celsius. While under the influence of cold air, the night of 3 to 4 days after the rain showers from west to East, the wind increased, the night of 4 there are about 4 northerly winds. October 4th after the temperature dropped significantly, the temperature range of 4 DEG C to 6 degrees, the highest temperature during the day on the 6 day of -7 will be reduced to about 19 DEG C. Affected by rainfall and the north wind, 5-7 day visibility will exceed 10 km. 2 hot spots around the Tiananmen and other attractions to 5 easy to jam is expected during the national day, Beijing city’s most popular attractions: Tiananmen, Gubei Town, the Badaling Great Wall, Xiangshan Park, the Summer Palace. [Tiananmen] during the national day, Tiananmen and the surrounding roads prone to congestion. Proposed public transport travel. By 1, 2, 52, 59, 82, 99, 120 road can be reached; Metro Line 1, Tiananmen station to get off. Due to the holiday period to Tiananmen tourists more, it is recommended to get off at two stations in advance. The Badaling Great Wall to Beijing Tibet expressway, 110 national road will be full of natural congestion during the holiday season in. The Badaling scenic area parking resources limited yard is saturated, into the Badaling scenic 58 export will be closed, tourist vehicles from 62 exit, go west road again into the Badaling scenic area. Gubei town [] Gubei town direction of Chengde will appear serious congestion, recommended to bypass the Tang Road State Road -101. In addition, the Beijing Park Management Center issued, the National Day holiday this year, Beijing 11 municipal parks and gardens China museum is expected to 3 million 600 thousand tourists, the peak will appear in October 2nd to 4. How much time driving 3 Beijing high-speed road "after the first" National Day period, hometowns, long short distance travel by car people will continue to increase. The reporter learned from the traffic control department is expected to peak traffic, the highway from Beijing to the afternoon of September 30th, October 1st and October 2nd October 6th, the 7 day morning, the return peak will occur. September 30th 15:00-23: Jia相关的主题文章: