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Arts-and-Entertainment A Staten Island dentist will clear all your doubts about the myths and facts of kids dental care, in case you have any. In case you want to clear any doubts about the myths and facts of kids dental care, get in touch with a Staten Island dentist. Myths have been created over the years regarding oral care for children, which have passed on from one generation to another and these need to be replaced by facts, and a dentist Staten Island NY can tell you this. For example, there are a couple of myths surrounding braces for children. Dr Glenn Marie, a practicing Staten Island dentist is of the opinion that a common myth surrounding kids dental braces is the tightness. Most parents feel that the braces their children wear are awfully tight, and are more of a torture device for their children rather than for their betterment. The fact is that flexible wires are used nowadays for more comfort, and the pain of wearing braces, like earlier times, can no longer be felt. The second myth revolves around the time needed for wearing braces. Most users feel that they are being subject to the torture of wearing braces for periods longer than they have to. This isnt true as the orthodontist knows exactly when to take them off, after he is satisfied with the position and shape of your teeth. Thirdly, a Staten Island dentist will also tell you about the myth revolving around the social stigma that is associated with braces. Most youngsters feel that when they wear braces, they will be ignored by their peers, but fail to understand that nowadays, clear braces are available that hardly seem to show even when you smile. This is, of course, a little more expensive, but will give you the same benefit as metal braces, and ensure a beautiful smile for the rest of your life. There is a fourth myth about regular dental care for kids that involves, making the child brush his teeth after every meal to ensure oral hygiene. On the contrary, as any Staten Island dentist will convincingly tell you, this causes more harm than good. The childs dental enamel gets eroded from excessive brushing, and may even expose the tooth root and cause pain and hyper-sensitivity. Moreover, certain parents are of the opinion that making the child wear braces at a very early age may alter the shape of the face and again, this is not true. The orthodontist knows what is best for your child, and will advise you accordingly. So, trust him and you wont regret it later. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: