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MIIT: the potential of virtual reality industry application process challenges (original title: Agency: the potential of virtual reality industry application challenges) Xinhua Beijing September 17th news (reporter Wang Xiaojie) the Ministry of industry and information technology China Electronics Standardization Institute recently released "2016 white paper" virtual reality industry development report pointed out. Potential China, virtual reality technology industry is huge, but there are still many challenges in the application process. First, the limitations of hardware technology. At present, the problems such as inconvenient use and poor effect are still outstanding, and the processing speed of the hardware can not meet the requirement of real-time processing of large amounts of data in the virtual world. The price of the relevant equipment is also very high, the cost of a helmet mounted display with a host of thousands of dollars. Secondly, the software usability is poor. Due to the limitation of hardware, the development of virtual reality software is huge and the effect is limited. There are many problems need to be solved in the field of new sensing mechanism, set and physical modeling method, high speed image processing, artificial intelligence and so on. Three dimensional modeling technology needs to be further improved. Third, limited application. At present, virtual reality technology is mainly used in military and scientific research in Colleges and universities, in the field of education, industrial applications is still far from enough, the future should strive to play a role in the civil field of different industries. Fourth, the effect is not ideal. In the aspect of perception of virtual reality, there are many researches on visual synthesis, less attention to the sense of hearing and touch, and the lack of authenticity and real-time. In addition, in terms of interaction effect, the interaction between virtual reality technology and human nature is not satisfactory in the field of speech recognition and artificial intelligence. The report notes that the virtual reality industry is on the eve of the outbreak, is about to enter the window of sustained and rapid development. The Internet data research firm iResearch released in 2015 China virtual reality industry market size of 1 billion 540 million yuan, is expected in 2016 will reach 5 billion 660 million yuan, in 2020 the domestic market size is expected to exceed 55 billion yuan. The report suggested that China should plan to do a good job in the layout of top-level design, promote industrialization and industry applications, strengthen cultural and brand building. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: