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Home-Improvement It’s easy to get overwhelmed at the idea of managing more than one home, especially after working with contractors, services, and other daily details of the first home. Bringing Constant Concierges services into your second home for property management is a mind easing, value-adding feature that can assist with sales and retention. Constant Concierge has a superior personal service, .bined with our sophisticated network of contacts gives you concierge services that expand beyond superior quality and scope of services. If you have decided to maintain your second home and realized your busy life doesnt allow you the flexibility to address homecare maintenance, youre certainly not alone. Many people lead hectic lives that preclude them from taking time away to manage a second home . Whether you live 500 miles or just 50 miles, dropping by your second home whenever home maintenance services are needed can be challenging. Having reliable caretakers manage your homes condition is key, and Constant Concierge is here to help! Many may encourage abandoning the notion of achieving and maintaining perfection with your second home. Thats silly talk! Property management by Constant Concierge will ensure your home away from home is perfect. Constant Concierge will ensure little problems such as running toilets or an air conditioning unit that is just a tad louder than normal, doesnt turn into large problems. Constant Concierges home monitoring strives to achieve a balance with your priorities and will take care of absolutely everything that needs attention. We help put your mind at ease! Constant Concierge will help you create a weekly, monthly or on demand service package that will fit your needs and budget. We offer concierge services for the exterior and the interior home inspections. Our property management service provides the .fort of knowing your homecare maintenance needs are met. We will either work with your current vendors to coordinate services, and ensure that you’re getting a quality job done or pull from our certified resources to get the job done! Constant Concierge is bonded and insured and is confident in managing all types of residential properties, from large estates to small cottages. If you have ever wondered how you will care for your second home while you are wintering or summering elsewhere, look no further. Despite power outages, rain and snow, and the normal effects of time, we can help eliminate the fears surrounding ongoing homecare maintenance and property management of your precious assets. Relax…Constant Concierge will take care of it! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: