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"Pretty woman" dating men cheated million each other is 50 year old aunt – Sohu news career Mr. Wang in a lonely night, through the WeChat about a strange woman, woman wearing a stylish, beautiful flower, Mr. Wang was very glad. Two people friendship is unbroken, soon developed into lovers. But the fairy tale is deceptive, to know the truth of Mr. Wang really have to worry about tears are falling. Lover not only cheated him about 1000000 yuan, more important is the beauty of love actually is more than and 50 years old…… Really scared out of Mr. Wang’s chin. Let him have a livelong night lonely girl beautiful things from last year. Mr. Wang is a successful middle-aged man, do have a machinery factory, income, family stability. Usually because of business dealings, often need to accompany customers to eat. March 2015 one day, Mr. Wang came to a hotel in Hangzhou, Linping and customers to talk business. A deal, Mr. Wang feast in the hotel opened a room to sleep. A table of toast each other has not yet dispersed, Mr. Wang suddenly felt livelong night, lonely. Bored he opened the phone WeChat, find the people around, to see a beautiful woman head. Mr. Wang will add her as a friend, did not expect a moment, the other side also added their friends. The two soon mutual conversation, Mr. Wang learned a boring person in the hotel, the woman said she is also very boring, can come over with Mr. Wang, Mr. Wang agreed. To the hotel, Mr. Wang opened the door, eyes bright, the beautiful girl in front, wearing fashionable, but also a little shy, Mr. Wang’s love ah. Two people friendship forever…… Later, Mr. Wang told the woman she called aqing. Later, Mr. Wang each Linping, Aqing would follow him in the hotel encounter, slowly two people become lovers. Ho throw daughter to fill lover Hukou good times don’t last long sweet things suddenly changed, gua. One day in October this year, Mr. Wang is my work in the factory, he suddenly received a telephone, said he was with Mr. Wang’s flesh, as long as Mr. Wang took out 100 thousand yuan, went their own children to do away, will not affect the Wang family. Considering the actual situation, Mr. Wang immediately to Aqing remitted 100 thousand yuan in the past. He didn’t think Mr. Wang so happy, by experience that should be a wealthy Lord "". So, have concocted a variety of reasons, said he is not in good health, nutrition fee, said to the Shanghai hospital treatment and so on, has cheated about 1000000 to Mr. wang. Mr. Wang also doubted whether Aqing lying to oneself, but he’s always thinking about if you can spend money to settle and do not want to make things. There was also had threatened Mr. Wang, if you do not send money if you put two people out that forced Mr. Wang to Aqing according to the money exchange in the past. But before long, he also calls to Mr. Wang for money, the amount of the more more, Mr. Wang is also anxious, aware of the "bottomless pit" always filled, decided to report to the public security organs. The dream lover has already been相关的主题文章: