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The rulers of Malaysia Committee elected the new Supreme Head of state – Sohu news 14, Malaysia Committee announced: Kelantan Sultan rulers Mohamed V will become Malaysia’s new Supreme Head of state, president from December 13, 2016 began a period of 5 years. CCTV news map of CCTV news client news, 14, Malaysia: Kelantan, Sultan Committee announced that the rulers of Mohamed V will become Malaysia’s new Supreme Head of state, the term for a period of 5 years from the beginning of December 13, 2016. According to the Ma Xin agency, Mohamed V, aged 47, as the eldest son of Kelantan’s former Sultan in September 13, 2010, succeeded his father to become Kelantan state of Sultan, and served as deputy supreme head of Malaysia in December 12, 2011. Malaysia is a constitutional monarchy, the supreme head of state is the head of state of Malaysia, the commander of the armed forces and Islamic leaders. According to the Convention, Malaysia by the Malaysia supreme head of state has 9 hereditary state owned by the head of the established order of periodic rotation, but the ruler Committee on heads of state succession has the final decision. (this article entitled "the rulers of Malaysia Committee as the new Supreme Head of state Mohamed V")相关的主题文章: