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The mainland box office: Doctor Strange win Ang Lee film mediocre "strange" Billy Lynn ", won the war" midfielder mediocre Sina entertainment news last week, the mainland box office announced, directed by Ang Lee, the novel’s anti war drama "Billy Lynn midfield war" with high frame rate version 120 frame the menacing, but the response in the general audience in the first week of the plain, received only 81 million. The box office champion is still a marvel action film, strange doctor, released ten days has accumulated 571 million.   table 1: Mainland box office charts (unit: million) (November 7, 2016 -11 13) ranking Title matches week at the box office (million) people (million) 1 cumulative box office "strange doctor" 2700046.73 776.31571002 "Billy Lynn’s war" 810016.27 "voyage 210.2881003 midfielder king of the golden city" 698013.51 250.2569804 "Grandpa there is 38" 34909.06 "133.7234905" 28809.49 "94.49163126 water donkey hide and seek" 275012.85 89.1167587 "11109.24" 39.6611108 neighbor company "the Mekong" 8803.54 "action 34.131179089 a top ten thousand words of" 6413.64 21.39173110 "mechanic 2: Resurrection" 5333.39 16.5433733 note: this table of data from " In the movie "administrative micro-blog focus:" Billy Lynn’s war "midfielder debut this week dull" Billy Lynn’s war "," maritime midfielder king "," city of gold Grandpa Christina 38 "releases such as join the market competition, and directed by Ang Lee," Billy Lynn’s midfield battle "as early as before the release has been with the" 120 frame "and" Ang Lee "label by many fans looking forward to, but the actual market performance is not expected in the hot, and even can be said to be some desolate, averaging only about 13 people. The weekly box office fell to 529 million, compared with the previous week reduced by nearly 70 million. Of course, in the year at the box office this week officially broke the 40 billion mark, but the total annual box office probably only 45 billion target, there is no hope of optimistic at the beginning of the year when many people in the industry 60 billion. This week, the focus of the market is undoubtedly a new film directed by director Ang Lee, "the battle of the midfield of the battle of Billy," by the director of the film, "the battle of the war between the men and women of the United States," said the director of the film, "the battle of. When Peter Jackson’s "the Hobbit Trilogy" tried to use 48 frames of high frequency, but without the introduction of the mainland market, as Chinese proud of Ang Lee, since the 120 frames of the high frequency to make the mixture during the war and the rest of the series)相关的主题文章: