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Louis Koo Jin Qiaoqiao was in the winter to Hot pot shop personally Farewell – Entertainment Sohu Sohu before the Sohu entertainment in Beijing Jin Qiaoqiao opened the shop Hot pot met to eat Louis Koo. Louis Koo was wearing a light gray T-shirt, wearing a mask, dressed very low-key. The meal is completed, in President Jin Qiaoqiao’s husband, Louis Koo Bona personally to the door, and let the staff to Louis Koo in the car. The treatment is so high, it seems the relationship between Louis Koo and the winter a lot. Indeed, Louis Koo and winter cooperation for many years, appeared in the legend ", including" Fengshen "siege", "the Stormriders and many other investment Bona film, two people must be good friends for many years. Also, Jin Qiaoqiao opened the shop Hot pot there have been many celebrities including Simon Yam, Ruby Lin, to Chiu Man-Cheuk and his wife, the stars to promote friendship in the feast, cross talk about cooperation, but also can be said to be the communication entertainment. Louis Koo wore a mask, dressed very low-key. After dinner, Louis Koo was escorted out several staff. In the winter to bid farewell to Louis Koo. Louis Koo watched the winter. Louis Koo got on the bus. Louis Koo return hotel.相关的主题文章: