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Lippi will not attend the ceremony in training is not allowed to waste 1 minutes of Lippi in the national football training correspondent Zhang Zhe   Guangzhou daily in Kunming in November 4, Lippi led the team in Kunming China Haigeng base actively preparing for the November 15th World Cup qualifier 12 strong Asian Games and Qatar team battle. Because of the tight schedule, the task is heavy, Lippi began to instill players their tactics from the first day of training camp. Although only two days to start training, Lippi clear that the Hengda lineup for the team to build ideas, and is ready to copy the main tactical Hengda 433. During the time that the national football training pay close attention to quality training in Kunming, Lippi in addition to arrange training in the hotel to stay at home, not only do not participate in any business activities, even in the evening of November 5th will not attend the ceremony. From Hengda Club turned to the foot as managers of Lippi Kang ice revealed that this training can be said to have devoted their full attention, this serious attitude even during his coaching Hengda also does not see more. In fact, the first day of the national football training camp, Lippi has bluntly put the importance of the training game made it clear that he did not say too much emotional mobilization, but stressed that "time is pressing". Therefore, in the training field, Lippi requires all players and staff should be fully invested, highly focused, pay attention to every detail, never allow a waste of a minute. This time, Lippi’s list of only three new faces, namely, Li Ang, Cao and Cao, is the only one of the big names in the list of countries in the world. Although Lippi is not and they really communicate privately, but he said the three Lippi to name them. At the present stage, the training of physical fitness is the same as physical training and tactical training. Each training session will Lipidou than the players and the coach team first arrived at the scene, together with the required instruments and equipment are good. Before the start of training, Lippi will tell the players a brief description of the day of training points, and then tell the assistant coaches follow the prescribed order execution, he carefully observed on the sidelines. Although many international is the first contact with Lippi, but they think Lippi attitude to training very seriously, the training quality requirements are particularly high. In the training contents, the main players were Lippi pointing transition movement and position, on the other hand also pay attention to the shooting practice, and he was actually exactly the same with hengda. The lineup primaryachievement Lippi also need some time to become familiar with and the location and status of the tour players, but he and the first international conference has clearly put forward the tactics, they will build 433 tactical system for the Orangemen, he hopes that we can use the shortest time to understand and integrate into the system. Lippi Evergrande best in a game according to the different situation and convert a variety of tactical formations, but basically around 433 formation to change. This style emphasizes integrity, every player needs to quickly adapt to their position and role in the formation of transition. On the other hand, this is a stress control and attacking midfielder aggressive game. Friday was the second training session of the country belt, where Lippi took the place of the non goalkeeper.相关的主题文章: