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Spirituality .www.lifeworkswithrobert.com Without this basic understanding, power, freedom and full self expression are just hopeful concepts! Let us all be clear once and for all. There are no victims and nobody needs fixed. You are perfect, whole and complete just as you are. God made no junk. Everything that you experience in your life, you created consciously or unconsciously by your thoughts and the feelings that followed your thought. A belief is a thought that is continually thought. What you believe you experience, meaning you bring it into your reality. God isnt something outside of you that needs you to do anything to please it. God does not want anything for you or from you. God is all that is and omnipotent. If God wanted or even could want for anything do you think God couldnt have it? You are Gods way of experiencing all that is through the illusion of separate individualizations and experiences. To know and be all there is, is not the same as experiencing all that is. To know hot and cold is one thing. The experience of hot and cold is quite another. God doesnt have a plan for you, God is experiencing Gods self through your individualization. If God had a plan, want or desire, dont you think God could instantly have it and wouldnt need you to give it or your permission to have it or your cooperation in getting it? There is no person, place, condition or thing that can make you feel anything. You make you feel. You do this by the thoughts you have about the person, place, condition, or thing. Your feeling follows your thought. People have challenges and adversity. It does no good to fix a problem for someone or tell them what you in your own limited consciousness think they need. No man can know what is best for another man. Only the soul and the infinite wisdom within that soul can know the truth of that ones life plan and experiences. I do not come to fix anybody nor do I believe I know what they need. First off they dont need to be fixed and secondly they dont need anything. Need is an illusion. Men and women have caused fights, war and every other discordant experience by believing what they are thinking is the truth. Everything you think about anything else is just your own perception. Your perception is not true; it is how you perceive it. Sad thing is you will get angry, fight, break up families, kill, start wars and everything else in order to try and prove you are right. Most people spend their life thinking they are right and complaining, judging, and generally making everything and everybody wrong that does not agree with them and how they think it should be. The fact is you make it all up from what you have learned and experienced in the past. It is just your perspective. Responsibility means the ability to respond. Most people react. Meaning they act as they once have or as they have learned in the past. Living life from reaction and the past this way will only bring you more of the same. Remember this; you get what you think about most of the time. How do you know what you are thinking about the most? Look at your life and your experiences. Your thought and feeling consciously or unconsciously created it all. What is intended to be expressed here is that you have the ability to live life in response. This is forward movement; this is creation, creating a brand new response rather than a reaction to the incoming data (the world or life). The new response will only come from living into a possibility and a declaration. Example, If I am creating the possibility of being happy and then declare, I am a happy person then if I am being authentic and true to my possibility and what I have declared, I will govern all my responses to people, places, conditions or things to align with being happy. If I find I am not happy about something then I instantly know that I am reacting from my old conditioned self. This is not right or wrong, it is an indicator. I can then choose my possibility of being happy again, adjust my thought about the person, place, condition or thing to thoughts that will move me towards happiness. I will have then instantly changed my view of the world or how it occurs or my perspective. You see emotions are not good or bad. They are a communication to you about you and the very best indicator of how you are aligned with your higher self or your God self. Emotions send us a message that indicates how aligned or not aligned we are to our source. This gives us the ability to choose to adjust our thoughts so they align with our source, possibility and declaration. Decree a thing and it will be established unto thee. Provided you maintain alignment or integrity with your declaration. Bottom line, If you are getting a lot of what you dont want in life you are thinking more often about what you dont want than what you do. An example of this is one may decree or declare to have wealth in his or her life. Most often they will then think about not having it, its taking to long, god must not want me to have it, just all kinds of made up non-sense of there not being enough and then they will believe it as if it is true. Can you see how crazy this is? Here is the spiritual law. First seek the kingdom of god and his righteousness and all things will be added. Gods kingdom is all that is and is infinite and ever expanding. Righteousness in this sense simply means the right use of the law. If you are seeking to live an unlimited life which is the kingdom and you use the law by aligning your thoughts, feelings, words and actions with the ever expanding, unlimited kingdom, all things are yours for the asking. The word was made flesh meaning it was made manifest in physical form. It was established by your correct use of the law of thought and feeling. To sum this up, no one has ever done anything to you, nothing has ever happened to you that you didnt invite by your vibration which is created by your thought and feeling consciously or unconsciously. You created it all, the sooner you own it the sooner you can re-create another experience. With the understanding of this document first, you can move into becoming a conscious creators of your life. You can begin to look at your attitude with the wisdom of how to adjust your thoughts and feelings to bring forth into your life what you desire. If you like what you have read here, I invite you to please visit my site at .www.lifeworkswithrobert.com . Join my newsletter and get a free report. Blessed Be, Robert Stewart ..lifeworkswithrobert.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: