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Li Sisi suspected pregnant again two years ago after Tencent rushed back Spring Festival Entertainment News November 12th, famous CCTV host Li Sisi appeared in "I want on the show" studio scene. Many of the audience to participate in the recording of the day that the host Li Sisi is not a bit too hard, and in the hot debate on micro-blog, guess the news of Li Sisi’s pregnancy. Yesterday, the reporter for the first time to contact the audience on the day of the day, and Li Sisi recorded live photos. The reporters found that Li Sisi indeed slightly lower abdomen bulge, loose clothes, it is easy to let the audience fall into a reverie. Program group insiders revealed that Li Sisi is indeed loose clothes than usual, but it may also be the cause of the winter, is not recently eat fat? For pregnant rumors reporter has not been confirmed. However, for pregnant speculation, let reporters can not help but think of two years ago Li Sisi worked in three months before the Spring Festival Gala birth, three months after rushed back stage, let the audience perfect body recovery of the accident. This is pregnant again, when preparing for the Spring Festival Gala, where she has to end? Reporter has not yet received a positive response to Li Sisi. Li Sisi has presided over the CCTV Spring Festival Gala (including online watch), an important national party, CCTV is touted the new generation of host, also presided over the leader in Chinese. 2012, Li Sisi became the first 85 after the Spring Festival Gala hostess, and began for the past five years, presided over CCTV Spring Festival Gala, presided over the style of youth fashion. In 2015 she replaced Qing Dong presided over the CCTV famous column: I want on the show. Li Sisi graduated from Peking University. During the CCTV, because of her fresh and refined style of conversation, sound and elegant typhoon and beautiful fashion style, by the media and the audience as the coexistence of beauty and wisdom of the female host. At the end of 2014, Li Sisi gave birth to his son ingot, family life happiness. Although rarely talked about her husband in the interview, but according to the circle of friends broke the news, Li Sisi’s husband is a returnees, currently engaged in the financial sector. Host Li Sisi Zhang Lei palace rock guest home of the house of Chun Ni相关的主题文章: