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"Laurel lady" Joe Chen joined the Hunan TV Festival night entertainment Sohu –   Joe Chen joined the night of the Mid Autumn Festival Sohu entertainment news September 15th broadcast of Hunan TV the night of the Mid Autumn Festival is preparing, in order to create a more down to earth, more mutual dynamic mid autumn night, the director group was not only the design of various forms the star – cooperation show, presided over the string field, links and other aspects will also be "stir up a new meaning". Show host still by He Jiong play an important role, and "the night of the Mid Autumn Festival set new laurel lady", will be and what the teacher together throughout the audience, and the audience together to celebrate the mid autumn festival. As the "laurel beauty" is not others, it is from the beginning of the "filial piety" to the "whirlwind summer we come", has continued to screen the mango ratings queen Joe Chen! According to the director group said, "the title of laurel beauty" of the setting is quite changed: the night of the Mid Autumn Festival, mid autumn festival with everyone who is family, "beauty" homophonic "family", meaning reunion, is the ancient woman, pretty and intelligent. He has the name, is a symbol of wisdom and beauty. At the same time, the Mid Autumn Festival is Kim fragrance of the season, people say there is a sweet osmanthus tree on the moon, the moon more Wu Gang GUI legend. So, "laurel beauty" reputation is so made. At the party in the course of planning, choose which actress as "laurel beauty" in a corner, also let the director set a lot of thought. But "we come" in the adorable version of "leader" Joe Chen lively, sincere, not artificial, not only circle powder countless, also let the night of the Mid Autumn Festival director group shines, plus Joe Chen’s debut at the beginning had hosted location of the foundation, the final "laurel beauty" in the role of flowers Joe Chen falls. Then, from the island of Taiwan’s "laurel lady" Joe Chen will give the audience what kind of surprise? It is reported that the design of the "laurel beauty" director: Joe Chen group is create new styles will carry a mysterious mission on the stage, and this special task will be throughout the entire process, and strive for the full autumn welfare for the audience. However, the director group is not willing to disclose more about the details of Jon’s design, "laurel beauty" appearance will be a mystery, can only wait until then announced the party scene. "Tangshan Tangshan, partings". September 15th 20:20 Hunan TV Festival night, "laurel lady" Joe Chen how stunning debut, so stay tuned!相关的主题文章: