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Lanzhou astronomical prescription "incident tracking: doctors visits by special rectification – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Lanzhou on September 14th news (reporter Wang Yan) according to the Chinese sound" center wide news "report, recently, Lanzhou huirentang pharmacy Jingning road out of a" high price ", three drugs prescription need five thousand. The money raised public attention. Afterwards, the patients all returned pharmacy drugs, the relevant departments have also opened a ticket last week. In recent days, Lanzhou Chengguan District Health Authority for doctors visits to carry out special rectification. Recently, Lanzhou Chengguan District Health Authority within the jurisdiction of all Chinese medicine clinic visits for inspection, inspection of 12 to obtain a "mechanism" practice license of medical institution. The inspection found: individual Chinese medicine clinic visits no smoking signs; independent Chinese reception room is not set; physician prescription, prescription audit department did not review the signature of the person; without the establishment of outpatient log etc.. Supervisors do a spot check record, issued a regulatory letter requiring immediate rectification. According to the Jingning road Lanzhou huirentang pharmacy Chinese medicine clinic visits to hire two more than non health technical personnel engaged in medical activities, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations in accordance with the health shall order it to make corrections, if not corrected, will be fined 5000 yuan, and to revoke its "practice license of medical institution" ". For most Gansu Tongji large pharmacy chain Limited twenty-one branch without obtaining the "" practice license of medical institutions to carry out medical activities behavior, supervisors were banned according to law. At the same time, Gansu deshengtang large pharmacy chain Limited Linxia road in-house clinics of traditional Chinese medicine use without prescription right prescribing physician personnel investigation. According to reports, the establishment of Chinese medicine Zuotang medicine clinic, must be made by the relevant departments for approval and registration. "Chinese medicine Zuotang medicine clinic doctors should be employed, TCM practitioners qualified as a doctor after continuous registration in medical institutions engaged in more than 5 years of clinical work, practitioners of other categories may not practice in" Chinese medicine Zuotang medicine clinic. Lanzhou Chengguan District Health Authority responsible person told reporters that the next step will be to continue to the pharmacy unlicensed doctors visits to crack down, for repeated investigation does not change the "undocumented practice visits" pharmacy will give serious treatment of illegal visits to doctors will be punished until revoked in accordance with the provisions of "physicians practicing certificate", will transferred to judicial organs constitute a crime.相关的主题文章: