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Khalil Fong invited fans to listen to the "time tunnel" exposure baby picture [Abstract]8 27 JTW new album "journey to the west" grab concert event held in Beijing, hundreds of fans were invited to "grab the new album is not exposed to a musical feast. Khalil Fong Lee Hom "FLOW" MV perfect blend of Chinese and Western culture "singing and wit" Khalil Fong this year launched a new music label "Fu Music", is about to launch in September 28th ninth Zhang Quanxin album "JTW" journey to the west ", the new album for more than two years to create the first" double album "(Double Album) concept, will launch a 21 the first new songs, which contains all the music in the Datong 11 years of experience, but showing from auditory to visual new ultimate transformation. At present, from June onwards has launched four new songs, from the appearance of the first breakthrough image of naked eye "to" Wukong, Jane Zhang teamed up with Chinese days R& B Duet Songs "no matter", and "FLOW" China Datong Lee Hom two musical genius first sing for the collision, and release the singles "but put your", throws a series of surprise everyone on the new album doubly expectations. And continue to show surprise, in August 27th the new album "JTW" journey to the west "grab concert event held in Beijing, hundreds of fans were invited to" grab the new album is not exposed to a musical feast. Khalil Fong will grab the new album "JTW Beijing Railway Station" journey to the west is the mainland’s first station will rob Khalil Fong at the scene, with fans to share creation process, the birth process on the new journey to the west "the album" JTW. Earlier announced that the new album will not be released after the album, the original album, cast a bomb. Khalil Fong said: "for 11 years without a rest, in the course of these years has accumulated a lot of ideas, will present in this album, so the next want to pause for a period of time, try to diversified development." Khalil Fong photo with fans so grab listening activities at the scene set up a special time tunnel, many Datong in the music review of 11 years of work and work, and "AR augmented reality" experience of cooperation, as long as using a mobile phone to sweep the photo, there will be a surprise interaction inside, so the fans exclaimed again and again. The time tunnel also arranged to Datong photos, to take you through Khalil Fong’s musical journey, many of them are never exposed photo, precious photos and even Datong just born lying in the nursery, particularly memorable. Scene fans have photographed record this memorable moment. In addition, Khalil Fong’s new album "JTW" journey to the west "the song will continue to grab the run. Will be 94 Shanghai; Chengdu,; 911 Chongqing; 918 Guangzhou continue to listen, please look forward to. Tencent news client music page card on the line!!! Hand to teach you to add:相关的主题文章: