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Jinxiu Weiyang Li Changle executed   poisoning disfigured outcome; why Li Changle will be executed in Shandong channel, legendary drama "Jinxiu Weiyang" is hit, in addition to the ill fated, high IQ EQ actress Lee Weiyang subtly malicious attention, as the main female elder sister female two, Li Changle also became the focus of concern Li Changle, is the first beauty, but because of the appearance of Li Weiyang lost glory, love and love Tuoba Jun Li Weiyang, Li Changle because of jealousy and hate, repeatedly attack Lee Weiyang, is to let the fans feel bitter role. "Jinxiu Weiyang" ending the death of Li Changle? "Beautiful" Weiyang ending how Li Changle died? "Beautiful" Weiyang Li Changle (Li Changle) is the sister Lee Weiyang, while the first beauty, is the father when the mother is the daughter of a family of Shangshu. Conceited arrogance, selfish, Li Changle love Tuoba Jun, the Tuoba Jun passionately devoted, her dream to marry Tuoba Jun. But Tuoba Jun is in love with his sister Li Weiyang, Li Changle and Lee Weiyang hatred. Prominent family of Li Changle self pride, longitudinal selfish character, she thinks there is no woman can beat her! But at the moment, when Li Weiyang appeared, as she was able to get everywhere, with special respect Tuoba Jun, this let her have a sense of crisis, she wanted the faint beyond the trend since her sister disappeared! Li Changle loves Tuoba Jun, but Tuoba Jun love is Li Weiyang, so Li Changle was framed Lee weiyang. Li Changle put his face scratched because of poisoning disfigured, after Li Changle framed Lee Weiyang poisoned Jiang old woman was not successful, Li Weiyang proved Li Changle poisoned his grandmother, was the last dog scratching mask, Lee Weiyang took the opportunity to say that this is not Li Changle’s own sister play fake monster kill Chiang granny, finally Li Changle die cut into pieces. (commissioning editor Zhang Liandong and Hu Honglin)相关的主题文章: