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Japan will patrol outside the South China Sea and the United States’ media: China will suffer a counter – Sohu military channel information: on August 6th, the air force Chinese main battle aircraft combat cruise to the South China sea. Reference News Network reported on September 20th: the foreign media reports, Japan’s defense minister Inada Tomomi visited the United States before the day announced to join the United States to the South China Sea cruise, upgrading operations in the South China sea. The Chinese side said this is not cross the line, this is the Japanese scholar China refers to a negative, even dangerous strategic choice; Japanese scholars warned that the Sino Russian joint military exercises recently dispatched a submarine, is Japan as the enemy. More than Chinese media have also issued a comment, warning the Japanese strategy behind the clamor of the evil, China also refers to multiple strokes to counter the cruise South Sea of japan. According to Taiwan, "Wang Bao" reported on September 19th, Japan’s defense minister Inada Tomomi 15, said the Japanese plan with the U.S. Joint cruise, held bilateral and multilateral military exercises in the South China Sea in the disputed waters, to upgrade operations in the South China Sea; paddy Tomomi and in The Pentagon and the U.S. Secretary of defense Carter talks, the United States once again confirmed that the Diaoyu Islands in Japan under the policy for, "the Japan US security treaty". According to Kyodo News Agency reported, with Carter before the meeting, Inada Tomomi at the Washington think tank center for strategic and international studies speech, said Japan and the United States said on China declared in the South China Sea territorial sovereignty concerns, Japan will be more actively involved in the affairs of the South China Sea, be with the U.S. Navy in a joint patrol, navy and regional countries held bilateral and multilateral military exercises, and in some countries to provide assistance, strengthen capacity building. Reported that Inada Tomomi also made it clear that the Japanese defense agency will conduct a constructive dialogue with the Chinese side, she will grasp the opportunity to discuss with Chinese counterparts, any opportunity. Voice of Germany, 17, commented that Inada Tomomi’s position may mean that across China in the South China Sea issue on the red line. In June fifteenth Shangri-La dialogue meeting, deputy chief of staff of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Sun Jianguo told the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Japan’s defense ministry officials bluntly, if the Japan US joint cruise or other military operations in the South China Sea, China will not sit idly by; the end of the month, China ambassador Cheng Yonghua has been on the Japanese official said that if the SDF to participate in the implementation of U.S. freedom of navigation in the South China Sea, is beyond the boundaries Chinese irreducible, we will never tolerate. According to the German news television reported 17, tension between Japan and Chinese originally by G20 summit has eased, but Japan’s defense minister will make a statement this trend of Sino Japanese relations again strained; if Japan is really the United States and the South China Sea cruise, is likely to have been Chinese counterattack, such as strengthening the existing in the Diaoyu islands. The Japanese Business News published an article saying that the Sino Russian joint military exercise imaginary enemy is Japan, the exercise may be intended to phenanthrene and horses, more and Chinese have territorial disputes countries deterrence, but deliberately antisubmarine training is evident, the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Forces deterrent purposes. Gao Hong, deputy director of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Japanese studies, 18, said the Japanese attempt to intervene in the South China Sea issue is a negative, even dangerous.相关的主题文章: