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Vacation-Rentals Etruscan roots of vampires are supposed to run alongside the continued presence of the Etruscan town of Volterra in Tuscany. Volterra has almost no crime rates and based on the books, it’s because of anonymous but still highly felt presence of Volturri. These facts are known among the fans of books and many actually believe in them, however, they should realize that the books are all fictional in nature and also world of Twilight was just the creation of 1 very prolific and talented author. The Augustan festival can be described as medieval festival held every August, but it’s not exactly the same festival that was portrayed in the books with all the red flowing cloaks and pretend fangs. The vampires will not be within this town or in any town in the world, but the visitors can still check out medieval festivals, browse through the main plaza and take advantage of the sights which does not include the clock tower. The Leaning Tower of Pisa is located inside the same area as Volterra in Tuscany, the province of Pisa. All those that visit this town will get to have a first hand feel of what it is like to live in an ancient town, .plete with all the theaters, the spas and the monuments which still stand today, even stay in very modern and ac.modating hotels that are built within ancient buildings. This is the fantastic thing about Volterra, not the tales of dark mythology or the vampire occult, it is a town that has held on for their traditions, their way of life and their monuments and arts and which all might be experienced by visitors. In the last three years, since the popular movies of Twilight Saga came out, increasingly more people have visited this ancient Tuscany vacation town plus they saw for themselves the magic of ancients. There are sights and art that can be seen and experienced by visitors which date back, way back, to Etruscan era. What is more, the meals which are offered show the true side of Etruscan cuisine which only the Italians can perform justice. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: