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Iraq and Syria at the same time the U.S. war on terror had double standard: in Syria battlefield tanks T-90 original title: American War double standard was criticized Russian media: action depends on who is behind the dawn dawn yet, the Iraqi government forces and Kurdish armed Islamic state (IS) attack on fire sounded in the desert near Mosul. At the same time, in the north of Syria, Aleppo, Syria and the Russian army allies and entrenched in where the terrorists launched a fierce firefight. The United States, however, has shown a completely different attitude towards these two wars and their humanitarian casualties. CNN (CNN) 24, said the Kurdish militants said the same day, the front has been pushed to within 8 km from Mosul. Meanwhile, the government also launched an attack on the oil city of Kirkuk, killing more than 60 IS militants. However, with the increasingly fierce offensive in Mosul, the situation of local civilians increasingly severe. Reported that, in order to resist the offensive of the Iraqi government forces, IS has killed 284 men, including children, including. These victims died about on Thursday or Friday, they had been gathered in southern Mosul, known as "human shields against fire". According to Reuters, the Syria government forces and their allies in Russia at 22 local time in the evening broke the previous unilateral ceasefire, the eastern part of Aleppo to resume bombing. Reported that the 19 day of the Syria military has announced the implementation of a humanitarian ceasefire in Aleppo for a period of three days". Aleppo and Mosul, the two cities in the smoke, the United States has a different attitude. In the face of the battle of Mosul caused by the humanitarian casualties, the White House spokesman Ernest has said that it should not delay any military action, because "when IS control of Mosul, they have been taken to violence. They kill civilians at every moment. So the delay in military action in Mosul is of no significance because of humanitarian concerns." When it comes to the battle of Aleppo, the United States has changed at once "line": US Secretary of state Kerrey said that the battle of Aleppo to bring peace, can only lead to retaliation. "Although the two middle east city facing a similar situation: are brought to the war terrorism in densely populated areas, but Western officials of them now are experiencing the war on terror has a completely different position" and "Russia today" commented, "who are behind the position of the United States depends on two military operations the." The Russian newspaper, 23, said the U.S. government in Syria, Aleppo and Iraq, the military operations of the United States holds a completely different view, which is the embodiment of the dual standards of. They have always been the principle of "Russia’s enemies are their friends," in the Middle East will be divided into good and bad militants. Ron · of the United States; the Institute of peace and prosperity in, said the west of Aleppo and Mosul mentality contradictions, puzzling. The battle of Mosul is portrayed as a positive urban liberation war. But the beleaguered terrorists in Aleppo have been beautified as rebels, with a legal cloak. More exciting content, please pay attention to Tencent military WeChat"相关的主题文章: