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To improve the efficiency of enterprise technology innovation (new feeling that) – real estate — currently, riding the world a new round of technological revolution gave birth to the rise of the momentum, meet the needs of the reality of China’s economic transformation and upgrading of China’s enterprises to enter the active period of technological innovation. Comrade Xi Jinping pointed out: "the enterprise is an important force in the close integration of science and technology and economy, and should be the main body of technological innovation decision-making, R & D investment, scientific research organization and achievement transformation." So, how to promote enterprises to improve the efficiency of technological innovation, promote innovation driven development strategy into the fast lane? This is an urgent issue that needs careful study. Technological innovation has its inherent law. If you do not in accordance with the law of technological innovation resources, only to increase investment, it is often difficult to succeed. For a long time, China’s enterprises in technological innovation activities, many business leaders head decisions and technical personnel to see leadership cue phenomenon, also do not pay attention to the cooperation and fight the enemy separately situation, even the pseudo science for the establishment of R & D projects of large investment situation. These problems have caused the waste of resources, but also is not conducive to enterprises to seize the opportunities of technological change and market change to accelerate innovation and development. The main reason is that the study of the law of technological innovation is not in place, not in accordance with the law to grasp the direction of the allocation of resources to promote innovation. Enterprises better follow the law, improve the efficiency of technological innovation, the current emphasis should be given to the following aspects. Grasp the direction and focus of technological innovation. The direction of technological innovation must be based on China’s national conditions and the actual situation of enterprises, facing the world’s scientific and technological frontier, closely around the needs of national economic development, in line with market demand. If the direction of technological innovation is wrong, will spend a lot of money, costs a lot, put a lot of resources, and at last failed. Only the direction is clear, in the general direction and then select a strategic significance of the important areas and key links do a good job planning, increase investment, strengthen research, in order to achieve the desired results. It should also be recognized that technological innovation is not equal to big investment, big projects, some technical details of the improvement can also bring great benefits, enterprises should focus on micro innovation. Increase the allocation of resources in the creative process. The scientific and technological innovation activities can be divided into three levels: creative, intellectual and physical. Relative to the intellectual and physical aspects of the link, the creative link is located in the forefront of scientific and technological innovation, it focuses on overcoming the difficulties of scientific research and development, technological breakthroughs and technological change. For Chinese enterprises, the core technology of heteronomy is the biggest hidden danger of development. China’s enterprises to master the initiative to develop, we must break through the core technical problems. To this end, the creative link to configure the elite forces to devote more manpower and material resources, ahead of the deployment, focus on research, as soon as possible in the key technology breakthrough. Sub categories, divided echelon stages. The technological innovation needs to experience from the decision-making to the investment in research and development, to the scientific research organization, achievements, each link can not be hasty or anxious. Should follow the law of technology and industrial development, in view of the characteristics of different types of R & D, combined with the actual situation of the enterprise to develop a practical roadmap, timetable, tasks相关的主题文章: