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"If love" Fu Xinbo Ying Er Li Fei’Er Hee Chul – see parents hold tears tears hold Hee Chul Li Fei’Er beach entertainment Sohu Sohu entertainment news "if love" aired the third quarter more than half of the second quarter of November 8th, guest Zhang Lunshuo and Christy Chung formally entered the marriage hall, so this show popularity and reputation has risen to a new height. Yesterday (November 10th) broadcasts, love drama staged: Portrait of "Xin Ying" sweet tour aquarium, Fu Xinbo also create new styles site DIY a private cinema, together with Ying Er to watch romantic movies, so users can refer to: "show loving way is not anti anti -!" "Koi" came to a field trip, Li Fei’Er love homemade kelp soup Hee Chul feel the warm heart, Hee Chul then a Chinese love letter confession, is to let Li Fei’Er tears on the spot. The stars are full of love, love house amateur who has experienced a trace of twists and turns, Shen Shan’s a prank, but led to the dissatisfaction of the bell, the wronged Shen Shan burst into tears on the spot…… Show a series of warm abuse the plot to the mood of the audience with striking one snag after another…… "Xin Ying" a "sweet Xin Ying" recently is frequently made of sugar, will "last night’s show fancy show affection to upgrade to a new height. "Ten good boyfriend" Fu Xinbo took Ying Er to the marine museum, the whole hand in hand two frequent self timer, hug, head and kill love skills, in front of the penguins do not forget to send generous sweet sugar, on the screen are out a lot of small pink bubbles. Fu Xinbo with Ying Er came to the sea floor restaurant, enjoy a delicious meal. The steamed stuffed bun in the process of eating even "routine" Ying Er and Ying Er said, I want to in the aquarium, see so many funny buns, sisters heart melted it was estimated! When Ying Er wanted to see movies, the scene immediately steamed stuffed bun DIY a private cinema, truly "you want, I can give, in the face of her boyfriend so overwhelmed Fu Xinbo, Ying Er was moved by Fu Xinbo, the movie suggested to take Ying Er back to his hometown, let Ying Er shy. So, ask a sound: This is the rhythm of the parents to see? Kim Hee Chul Xian Li Fei’Er Lei Ben Chinese letter technician Kim Hee Chul and Li Fei’Er in the field trip, two people with a child, in the stream playing water fights, the so-called "play is a love, called love", "Koi combination" had not a pleasure, the audience is also their understanding "sweet to fly" even a netizen said he? As the "golden three" and "Li Sansui". However, between the two sweet surprise, but also let the audience see their deep feelings. Barbecue, Li Fei’Er right away, is secretly preparing for Kim Hee Chul love seaweed soup, let Kim Hee Chul moved; then Hee Chul took Phyl came to the beach, I did not expect a romantic confession is quietly staged: Fire spell LOVE words of Hee Chul, and with a Chinese love letter confession to Li Fei’Er, although he is Chinese although the letter is not standard, grammar mistakes frequently, but love and sincerity but let Li Fei’Er tears. Hee Chul said that as long as there is love, distance and language can be grams?相关的主题文章: