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Sports-and-Recreation China news agency, Los Angeles, April 15 – According to the latest data show that the North American box office this Wow Gold calm, suppress hunger games the results of $ 21.5 million live in the new film "Three Stooges" and "forest cabin offensive,four sit tight in the North American box office chart top spot, its North American box office revenue has reached $ 337 million wow gold , are listed in section 26 of the North American film history at the box office rankings. TV adaptation of the Ferrari brothers .edy "Three Stooges" in 3477 theaters in North America on Friday and painting, the estimated absorption of $ 17.1 million box office runner-up weekend, three days. Friday to open the draw results of $ 5,630,000, wow gold result is worse than most of the TV adaptation of the movie box office receipts. After another film released this week, forest cabin, "followed by" Three Stooges "in 2811 (less than" Three Stooges "600 over 100) North American theaters, the first day of revenue 550 million dollars, three days is expected to stand to gain $ 14,850,000 weekend, grossing third. Thriller of good quality, but for the thriller premiered on Friday, the 13th (also known as Black Friday) is concerned, is quite inferior, .pared with "My Valentine 3D" with the premiere for Friday $ 8.2 million at the box office is very different. "Titanic 3D" last week, down 32.7 percent, accounted for $ 11,620,000 listed fourth in the list; "American Pie 4: reunion" to get in.e of $ 10.7 million in the fifth; sixth by revenue 700 million dollars, "Mirror Mirror" was released five weeks. Get week North American box office ranked seventh, eighth in the "Gods of Wrath $ 6.8 million $ 6.9 million and" Jump Street team ". "Jump Street" North American box office revenue to reach $ 120 million. By Luc. Besson produced, cover. Pierce starred in the sci-fi action film "locked" to open this week draw of $ 6,250,000 for the top 10, the ninth position; old Gonzalez story this week for $ 3.02 million richer listed tenth in the rankings, the North American box office revenue has reached $ 204 million. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: