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Huang Yao ancient town is noisy, kept in purdah small Taoyuan Sohu – tourism world, Guangxi is quiet. When will I Huangyao scenic bask in the circle of friends, there are so many people do not know that it exists. Raised in purdah did not know the day and night, Huang Yao moving are waiting for your arrival. Let every soul not exposed to dust in two hours away from Guangzhou to Hezhou, a town called Huang yao. Huang Yao ancient town within a radius of 3.6 kilometers, is the Karst landform. Originated in the Song Dynasty, has a history of nearly 1000 years. The natural landscape has eight twenty-four landscape scene; ancestral temples are more than and 20, more than and 10 pavilions, terraces and open halls for building the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Local people will sell fruit and vegetables on the long stone road, simple and beautiful. On the road met a good little dog, the body is short, fat, very cute. The child was playing with a paper plane, and a yellow flying object was passing in front of me. What a lovely baby, happy life in this antique in. In this era, how many children can play in the green mountains and rivers? A water around the city, the town is surrounded by mountains like not wake the dream town three block self defense system of the building from the Dragon River Street, ZTE street, commercial street. The three office buildings and bridges, through wall, gatehouse skillfully connected together to form a whole. First of all to see is a big tree near the village, like dragons and strong, if the night during the walk, the more is the feeling of his majesty. It is called the Talon Rong, evergreen trees, with aerial roots, so named because of its shape Qigen Longzhua, has 500 years of age. Huang Yao ancient town around the flagon, Zhenwu, chicken, snail, across the river, stack, heaven, Niu Yan, Guan Dao Pegasus nine mountains, from the periphery to the ancient town of poly. Three rivers Yao River, small Pearl River, Xingning River intersection in the ancient town. Huang Yao town residents from Southeast Chinese, village location influenced by southeast Han Feng Shui culture. Huang Yao ancient town is surrounded by mountains, green water is rounded, with all the elements required by the southeast Fengshui theory. Grandpa and grandma on the road, between the Castle Peak cultivated for a lifetime, now see more and more tourists, but the enthusiasm is not reduced, call us to the highest viewing platform to see the ancient town. The same residential buildings to Huang Yao ancient town temple is the center construction and external radiation. Huang Yao ancient town existing eight surname, nine hall, two ancestral hall, residential buildings for the same name around the temple around the living. Town residents in late Ming and early Qing Dynasty due to avoid the war or business migration to Huang Yao immigrants moved to Huang Yao in the business for a living after the family, common prosperity. So in the residential building design, more out of the defense and security need to resist the war and robbers looted, both the single and the overall layout of the building has a strong defense function. Walked into the small shop delicate, time stopped into Huang Yao, you will find the store not particularly large, not messy. There will be no loud music or souvenirs everywhere, each of which is a small world. The boss said.相关的主题文章: