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Many online marketing tools have .e up recently due to the massive impact the internet has had on the global market. It is just a matter of time before, 90 percent of shopping will be done online. At the same time one must not forgot that all online browsers dont necessarily make purchases. Many just surf the internet for various other reasons like chatting or getting information on something. Im not trying to tell you that online marketing is decreasing even though studies have showed that only 15 percent of online browsers actually shop. This number is constantly decreasing due to the global financial crisis. But, online sales are increasing steadily as the internet access is more and more easy and available. It is also due to the fact that many people have .e to terms and have accepted the concept of online shopping. The internet is currently playing a major role in the lives of many people. Businesses especially see the internet as an indispensable .ponent for their growth and expansion and have succeeded by using the internet as an online marketing tool. If you want to start an online business and get good profit then you will need to use online marketing tools effectively. For that you will need to know what kind of online marketing tools is available. The best way to proceed is through a website, which is still undoubtedly the best online marketing tool. Im sure all of you build websites with the aim that your .pany can have more sales. However, it is not necessary that the website should guarantee you online success and increased sales. It is merely an internet marketing tool. The .bination of different online marketing tools should be done to get successful marketing campaigns. Email marketing is one of the best online tools available as it is very effective for promoting your product. Unless your product is promoted properly there is less chances of you having success. Another method is marketing through article writing. It is easy and free of cost. You just need to write a good article with keywords which is related to your business. After that put an article add on your website link in the author place and try to post it in article directories. Each article submission site provides an RSS feed of the author, once submitted which will raise the position of your website. Tools like autoresponders, capture page creator, downlink builder, ad tracking all have made a huge impact on the ability to .municate messages online. You can build a list of your customers using these tools. Online marketing is a growing phenomenon in the world. Many websites are very concerned about their position in the search engines. They are very much resorting to internet marketing tools, which can help in building a very successful business. 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