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Running Heart rate monitor has become one of the necessity for athletes and those who workouts daily. As the name suggest, a heart rate monitor is a device used to monitor the user’s heart rate at real time. Some heart rate monitors are able to record heart rate for future analysis. There are a few types of heart rate monitor in market but the common types are heart rate monitor watches and strapless heart rate monitors. These two are more commonly used personally. As for coaches and professional athletes, wired digital heart rate monitor and wireless digital heart rate monitor are more commonly used. Heart rate monitor watches consist of, well, a watch that doubles as a regular watch, often very attractive and a chest strap that binds just underneath the breast. The chest strap detects and transmits data to the receiver watch at real time for monitoring. This heart rate monitor is suitable for individual who would like to lose weight and increase cardio training to achieve fitness goal. Whilst the watches attracts with various design of watches, individual can still opt for a strapless heart rate monitor. This device is simpler in usage; one just need to place finger on the sensor after each workout session. Readings are available usually after finger is placed on sensor for about four to twelve seconds. This device is accurate as it runs on ECG platform. As for wired digital heart rate monitor, it is more popular among professional athletes as it is connected to a computer for real time analysis. Coaches are able to analysis and construct a better work out plan on the spot. A wired digital heart rate monitor also provides data with minimal interference. For gyms with limited space, coaches prefer a wireless digital heart rate monitor. As the name suggest, the system works without cables strewn all over the place. A wireless system shortens the time taken to set up the whole device thus lengthening the workout time. A wireless system is no doubt a more convenient solution for coaches who are training several athletes simultaneously. Choosing a suitable heart rate monitor requires no rocket science, one just need to consider a few conditions before buying one. Heart rate monitor will not cost you a bomb if you are seeking one that has basic functions. The more functions that you would like to have in your monitor, the higher the price will be. For technophobes, basic device that operates with single touch of a button is recommended. For ladies, there are special sport bras in market that comes with integrated heart rate monitor breast straps that will cling to chest without fail. Having a heart rate monitor is advisable even for those who are just starting to work out. Just remember to keep the transmitter in contact with body to avoid wild reading. You would not want to have the shock of having zero results after strenuous workout session. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: