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Automobiles Learning how to make HHO gas for your car could be one of the most rewarding things you’ve ever done. When HHO is generated "on demand" to supplement a car’s regular fuel, this clean and powerful gas can boost mileage by 20-50%. It’s as easy as installing a fuel cell near the engine that will convert water to HHO. But how does it work? The design is fairly simple: the fuel cell contains electrodes (usually metal plates or wires) immersed in water. Direct current electricity from the battery is connected to the electrodes. Each electrode has either a positive or a negative charge, and the electric current runs through the water between these charged poles. Water alone is unable to conduct electricity sufficiently, so an electrolyte must be added in order to create a solution that conducts power easily. This catalyst can be added in small amounts, as a little is more than sufficient to create adequate conductivity. Baking soda is the substance most .monly used. When electricity moves through the water between the electrodes, a reaction occurs (electrolysis) that causes the Hydrogen and Oxygen molecules in the water to separate. Instead of being bound together in the formation known as H2O, or water, they break down to form HHO gas. The HHO is then funnelled into the intake manifold to supplement the regular gasoline – now you’re cooking with gas! HHO not only delivers a significant increase (20-50%) in miles per gallon, it actually cleans out the carbon deposits inside the engine. One limitation of HHO gas as a fuel is the fact that it is very difficult to store, thus making it useless to power a car alone. There have been many accidents resulting from researchers trying to bottle, pressurize, and store HHO gas. It is incredibly volatile and liable to cause serious injury if not handled properly. However, a researcher named Yull Brown discovered that it is not necessary to store the gas, because it can simply be used on demand. That is the beauty of an HHO fuel cell – it creates HHO only when you run your car, and the HHO is sent directly to the engine to provide a boost in power. When you are not running your car, no HHO is being created. If you want to learn more about how to make HHO, there are plans available on the inter. that will provide detailed instructions. For a relatively small investment in plans and parts, it is possible to reap enormous benefits. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: