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Business New managers have much to take in as they begin their life in administration. Although they are very talented, everyone needs some training and assistance when they begin any new endeavor, and managers are no exception. If you are new to management, or you are the person for your organization who is charged with training new managers, there are a wealth of options available. Two of those options are Internet-based management seminars and telephone seminars. Some of these are live, while others are provided recorded. Technology makes self-paced training a real option for working managers, and receiving appropriate training can boost new as well as experienced managers leadership skills. Everyone takes in new information in one of three basic learning styles. Auditory learners learn through lecture and hearing new information. Visual learners gain new knowledge by watching presentations or reading. Kinesthetic learners grasp new ideas through the use of their body, doing the new skills themselves. New managers fall into at least one of these three learning styles. In order for them to boost their leadership skills, they need to be exposed to high-quality trainers who are experienced in presenting information so that all sorts of learners will be appropriately ac.modated. Everyone also learns new material at different rates of speed. If it is material they have earlier experience with, the learning rate is fast, and if it is a .pletely new topic, it often takes a bit longer to .prehend. This is why the self-paced method of management training is such a helpful delivery method. Auditory learners would likely gravitate toward teleseminars, which make use of a live conference call with a nationally recognized trainer. Groups of auditory learners would thrive in this type of learning environment, and make great gains in obtaining new skills. Audio conferences are usually live, so that participants can ask questions of the trainer, but they are also typically recorded. This means that new managers could participate at their convenience anywhere they have telephone access, which offers a flexible solution that auditory learners would enjoy. Visual and kinesthetic learners would benefit from leadership seminars that are presented on the Inter.. Webinars show these managers what to do to gain new skills, and good ones offer ways that the managers can participate. Like teleseminars, webinars are also offered in both live and recorded formats. This allows new managers to be introduced to new training during the live event, and then they can watch the recording and practice the skills at their own pace, improving the experience for these learners. To help new managers start their new careers with the most success, match the appropriate management training to their individual learning style. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: