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Hengda life shopping spree nearly 30 A shares of the company in the industry refers to multi asset allocation for the national investment adviser: catch demon king contest peek shares of Sina Financial App: a live on-line blogger for nearly 30 A shares a guide Hengda insiders refer to multiple life shopping spree for asset allocation considering from the end of 2016 although there are two months time, but the A shares of listed companies equity dispute will undoubtedly become a hot topic throughout the year. Before the war drama plot as Bao Wan contest opening, after a strong development, Langfang Hengda Department arrives fierce placards as the finale drama, with Yili, Shougang shares, Wuchang, Lijiang tourism announced the encounter "barbarians" knock. This wave of listed companies equity dispute in the event sparked numerous non controversy at the same time, has also become an important opportunity to test and improve the A stock market, corporate governance structure of enterprise property right system and the investors. And the next question is, these are facing equity disputes of listed companies will go from here? Shareholders are the various and is a war? The equity change to the listed company is left a feather or to create new value, as investors seek more rights for enterprises…… "Securities Daily" with the launch of a series of reports on the controversy over the shares of listed companies, take you to find the answers to these questions! Reporter Wang –     Zheng   take years for sales champion, the national football coach at the helm, Xu Jiayin Hengda recently described as heady. In the capital market, Hengda return to A shares, many companies are placards caused strong concern from all walks of life, "Hengda stocks have emerged, multi-channel funds to enter the. In this regard, insiders pointed out that "the real estate company Hengda Holdings Group’s main body or placards not many companies, now mainly concentrated in Vanke, Jiakai City, Langfang development of the three, in addition to restructuring has not been completed shenshenfang A. Most of the remaining shares of the subject are Hengda life, compared to Hengda strategic investment in these companies, Hengda life A shares in action mostly for asset allocation into account, this is a very normal thing for insurance companies". Hengda life shopping spree A shares with the disclosure in recent days of A shares of the company three quarterly reports, Hengda life also appeared in a number of the company’s top ten shareholders of the column. On the evening of October 27th, the three Quarterly Bulletin released by the electronic display, Hengda Life Insurance Co., Ltd. – the traditional combination of A holds a total of electronics into the shares of the company, ranked the eighth largest shareholder of the company. In addition, Hengda Life Insurance Co., Ltd. – the traditional combination of B holds about 8 million 140 thousand shares. The two together hold 4.96% of the shares of ieslab, approaching the red placards. The performance of ieslab, the first three quarters of operating income of 903 million yuan, an increase of 22.73%; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 79 million 648 thousand and 900 yuan, an increase of 10.19% the previous day, Hengda life also appeared three quarterly group in the pillars of the new material and the. According to the Quarterly Bulletin of the three pillars of the new material that Hengda life insurance theory相关的主题文章: