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Business If your facility has stairways, you know how important it is to keep them clear of clutter and safeguard the well-being of your customers and employees. But if your stairs are made from metal, wood, stone, concrete, marble, or any other non-carpeted surface, they can become slipping hazards. Installing high quality non-skid stair treads can mean the difference between a safe stairway and a liability. Here are some of the ways non-skid stair treads can help. Stair Nosings Stair nosings are generally used in new construction because they are easy to anchor when the stair material is poured. However, existing stairs can also be outfitted with these non-skid stair treads, and the best nosings are made from solid and durable materials such as high performance polymers. Regular rubber self-adhesive treads begin to crack and peel off within an extremely short amount of time, especially if they are exposed to heavy track, the elements, and a combination of both. Different Strengths Most polymer stair tread products have differing amounts of aluminum tread exposed. The more treads are exposed, the greater the traction. Here is a synopsis of different applications for the various grades of non-skid treads. –Lowest grade: light pedestrian indoor applications such as emergency exit stairways in schools, hospitals, hotels, public buildings, offices, or apartments. –Medium grade: with a few more strips of exposed aluminum (typically six per stair) the design of and polymers used in these nosings are made to withstand heavier indoor and outdoor applications: back stairways for apartment buildings, service entrances in hotels, etc. — Highest grade: 12 or more strips of heavy duty extruded aluminum combined with a gritty polymer surface makes these nosings ideal in indoor and outdoor settings: for main stairways in schools and hospitals, industrial settings where wet stairs are common, and a variety of other applications. Specialties If your facility features stairways that are often darkened (such as those in movie theaters, for instance), you may want to look for specialty nosings that offer glow in the dark front edges. These specially coated polymers absorb the light when it is available, and when the lights are off, they offer increased visibility along with a firm footing. It is every facility owner’s responsibility to ensure the safety of its employees as well as the public when it comes to maneuvering on stairways. Installing non skid stair treads not only reduces liability premiums and complies with OSHA and other regulations; more importantly, it’s also the right thing to do. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: