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Business Heidi Montag has recently been seen around the beach in her bikini posing with her bikini body. While it looks like something that is incredibly appealing the truth is that her bikini body is not something that is fully natural. The plastic surgery procedures that she has undergone in recent months have helped to make her body look like something that is .pletely different. This has created a great deal of controversy over whether or not a bikini body that has been substantially altered is one that is truly appealing or not. Over the past few months Montag, the star of the Hills, has undergone a series of different plastic surgery techniques. These include such procedures as a nose job, breast augmentation, liposuction on her hips and waist, buttock augmentation, fat injections on assorted parts of her face and botox in her forehead. Many people have been arguing that the natural beauty of Montag was good enough and that she did not need as many surgeries as what she has gotten. Practically anywhere she goes people will notice her but at the same time people might mistake her for a gigantic plastic toy doll. She will be noticed but not all people are going to see her as someone who is truly attractive. A good concern over her bikini body .es from how some women might not be .pletely willing to recognize their natural beauty. They might think that looking as attractive as they are may not be good enough for them and that expensive plastic surgery may be the only option for someone to look into. The reduction in physical activities that Montag can deal with has be.e a substantial problem as well. It is estimated that Montags bikini bra is one that can work at an E or F cup depending on what bikini she is wearing. With this massive breast size Montag is being asked to not jog out of the concern that her breasts could end up being worn out or even hit her. This controversy is something that is going to be highly debated for a while. While Heidi Montag might look appealing the truth is that all of this beauty was something that was artificially created. This will add to the debate over whether or not a body that has been altered by plastic surgery is truly a body that is still attractive in its appearance. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: