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Like the same noise pollution governance Haze – Sohu comments according to the worker’s Daily reported, Chinese released "environmental noise pollution prevention report before the Ministry of environmental protection (2016)", the disclosure of the 2015 National City sound environment. The report shows that the national urban sound monitoring at night 14 is not up to standard, which means that the country’s 14 cities to sleep in the noise. Night construction people, muck cars roar at night…… This scene happens every day in the city, so that people suffer. But this, people often feel helpless, each complaint such events, will encounter a variety of prevarication, even if the success of rights to obtain compensation, but this money is difficult to make up for the damage suffered physical and mental noise. Noise is not only annoying, this invisible pollution hazards, no less than air, water, soil, these three major pollution. A study of the World Health Organization and the European Union shows that not only annoying noise pollution, poor sleep, it will cause or trigger heart disease, learning disorders and tinnitus, in Europe, the disease burden caused by noise pollution after air pollution each year, causing about 3000 deaths. Noise pollution control, there are many successful foreign experience. To the city’s two major sources of noise traffic and construction, for example, in Japan, regardless of the size of the construction site, the construction will be wrapped in a thick curtain, noise and dust. There are not a large number of workers on the site of Japan’s artificial houses, more work is done in a standardized factory, and then transported to the site, like building blocks like assembly. In Germany, in order to control traffic noise, the country set the limits of road traffic noise, a large number of laying low noise road. Germany has the vehicle noise detection in vehicle inspection, forced car manufacturers improved design. Germany is not only required to pass through the residential area of the road, next to the railway tracks must be erected noise shielding, but also the surrounding forest. But in our country, the legislation of noise is still related to the promotion of noise reduction technology, which is far behind the development of economy and society. Noise pollution is not a person, industrial noise, construction noise to the environmental protection department, traffic noise, noise, in principle, to the public security departments, who can control, but who are not good. The public complaints of noise pollution, the burden of proof has become a major problem for this kind of noise, invisible pollution, rapid response mechanisms related to law enforcement has not established. The sound barrier is recognized as the effective measures to reduce highway and rail traffic noise, but in many of the city, who is responsible for setting the sound barrier often controversial, many close to the city expressway plots were developed for the area, but some sections are not timely set up sound barrier. And even built sound barrier, standard is low, some only half elevated sound barrier, some sound barrier distance is too short, all surrounded by the effect of noise barrier is best, but expensive in practice is extremely rare. Air pollution and noise pollution, which is the nearest two kinds of pollution from urban residents. For the former management, from national to local, have developed a plan of action, legislation has become more perfect, but for the latter, in addition to a "environmental noise pollution prevention law", a word or two can only be found in some policy documents. This.相关的主题文章: