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Get up perseverance of the season, with what coup – Sohu of maternal wake Bao an irresponsible, called "killer wake up treasure to get up by perseverance, courage bathing season, let alone treasure all to stay in bed, Baba mama is not work, but also get hardship? JJYY get up after the adults, the little guy is still a whirring call, it was usually let treasure obediently get up is not easy, when the difficulty index is not directly 5 stars have a big head? Just simple and rude, killing well, wake up treasure, treasure is up, but the little guy a day will be the stock up gas bad oh. Xiao Nan woke up their winter, will first open eyes lie down for a while, and then sat up to 5-10 minutes, themselves like this, think to treasure up issued instructions, the little guy can expect to get up? So, there is a kind of irresponsible, called "killer wake up treasure, the so-called killer wake up, is awakened by various ways, in other words," won’t let you sleep, neat and quick to let BMW immediately regained consciousness, very simple and crude, but not directly and effectively, it will affect the to treasure very bad, especially a series of neurological or psychological problems, such as the destruction of emotional control, impulsive irritability, low mood, slow response, lack of attention and attack people, indifferent, or crying. Especially against these small wake up, perhaps the most serious consequences will be fatal, not to scare you. Lose patience Ma Ma, incarnation of angry birds, rushed into the room — raise a hue and cry you know, Miss bed, nostalgia subconscious dreams, is common, this "to be accused of wake sleep" behavior, language, and instantly took sleeping security treasure, and big noise woke up way to raise a hue and cry so, treasure the happiness, the morning so destroyed. A child’s Quilt – this is a lot of people’s childhood nightmare, how to apply to treasure? Away is not a quilt, is a treasure of the sleep safe, and temperature changes on the treasure of the nervous system protection, do not believe? Treasure does wind sit up, but his limbs stiff? Xiao Nan suggested that in addition to the quilt, anything treasure sleep holding, holding, covered, don’t touch, it is treasure feel safe environment. Rude beat — wake him with brutal treasure treasure take way too powerful, because human beings in the subconscious under the control of the sudden appearance of the body "attacks", a jump will instinctively counterattack, this way in many experiments, even the sheep will be offended, and treasure? Anyway, it’s a bad mess. Repeated repeatedly call — the mother said, "I do not use violence, tired treasure can’t sleep okay?" Think of the "only you" Tang Seng, like you every few minutes to call a treasure, even in the start up mode, will again be interrupted, but again, just like the computer to restart N, wake up will become increasingly slow. What? In fact, when the treasure.相关的主题文章: