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Arts-and-Entertainment Geo plays have become a choice of countless people because of its unique stories that are really heart touching and leaves a lesson for the viewers. Pakistani dramas have become a choice of countless people living inside as well as outside Pakistan. A lot of dramas run on different TV channels throughout the day and night. It totally depends on the choice of the people that what kind of dramas they like to watch. Most of the people, especially women, like to watch Geo dramas. This is because Geo is a well-known channel that runs all over Pakistan as well as in other countries. There is a variety of plays found on Geo. Every kind of drama – emotional, novel-based, humorous, and based on a true story – is broadcasted on Geo TV, and this is why this channel has gained worldwide reorganization. Different people have different choices and different tastes when it comes to watching dramas. Some people like serious dramas, while others like funny. Every sort of dramas is broadcasted on Geo TV. For people who like to watch Geo dramas because of their stories must watch the following Pakistani dramas: Mann Kay Moti: This is one of the most emotional Geo dramas. In this drama, the bitter reality of life is shown that what happens when a wife loses her husband, how she is treated by her in-laws and how her children have to suffer. This Pakistani drama is really heart touching and worth watching. Aasmano Pe Likha: One of the most watched dramas of Geo TV is Aasmano Pe Likha. This episodes depicts the story of a girl who, on the demand of cash in dowry, does not get married on the day of her marriage and she has to marry another guy whom she doesn’t even know because of the critical condition of her father. This drama is really very emotional and centralized on this girl who suffers a lot in her life. Numm: Numm is another production of Geo dramas and most of the people like watching this drama because of Fawad Khan. Sania Saeed has taken this drama to a very high level with her excellent performance. This drama shows the culture and nature of the people having a landlord background. Meri Maa: Meri Maa is another emotional Pakistani drama that comes on Geo TV. This drama is centralized on a girl who gets kidnapped at a very young age and couldn’t get back to her family. A very soft-hearted police officer adopts her and treats her like her own daughter. This drama shows that there is still kindness present on Earth. Zindagi Udaas Hai Tu: Zindagi Udaas Hai Tu is amongst the best dramas that come on Geo TV. This drama is full of emotions. It shows different sad and happy stories of different people in different episodes. The stories in this drama are really very touchy and also leave a lesson for the people. Some of the stories that are shown in this drama are also true. This is why most people like to watch this drama. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: