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Writing-and-Speaking I am a recent convert to square foot gardening. I grew up having a large vegetable garden that my parents tended in our yard. Row after row of home grown produce was a fond childhood memory. I was determined to have a garden for my own family when I grew up. When I was married, I moved to the suburbs and my yard size was limited. I wanted a garden so bad still. So, I searched online to see if I could receive any inspiration. I discovered raised garden beds and the technique of square foot gardening. I decided to give it a try, even if I just yielded a handful of spinach and a few tomatoes, I thought I would be happy. Little did I know how much you can grow in a limited space with square foot gardening! Square foot gardening can be done inside a raised garden bed or can be done straight on the ground. I chose to go the raised garden bed route because the soil in the city was very clay like and dense. Once I assembled the raised square foot gardening bed kit and filled it with good soil I began to sow my seeds. I decided on the vegetables that I wanted to grow and planted them in 2′ X 1′ clusters. I left some adequate space in between varieties and thinned the seedlings once sprouted to promote proper growth for my vegetables, which is still necessary with square foot gardening. What differs about square foot gardening versus traditional row gardening is that you can have a small patch of certain vegetables in a contained area. Just like the name sounds, you grow your crops in a square (or other shape) close together, which allows you to fit in more plants because rows are not needed. Having a raised garden bed eliminates the need for having walking space in between crops to allow for tending and harvesting. Lets compare square foot gardening with baking cookies, just for a visual. Picture baking cookies on a pan. If you are cooking one dozen cookies you must place the cookie dough balls evenly apart in rows (row gardening) so they will not touch. It might take you a few pans to cook the entire batch of dough. But, if you make bar cookies, (square foot gardening) you can put the entire recipe of dough in the pan and bake it all at once. So, you save space and even time by eliminating the row idea and just clump it together. Same basic idea with square foot gardening. You can grow a surprising amount of vegetables in your designated area. I have recently moved to a more rural city with a expansive back yard, but I still choose to use the square foot gardening method. I like it because it is easy, I can grow plenty of vegetables in a more confined area, and it even looks nice and orderly. Although, square foot gardening is perfect for those who have only a limited amount of gardening space, it is a loved method for gardening in general! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: