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"Falling boy" father statement did not make any compensation for the Sohu news voice responded Cong family. Family members for the news Beijing News (reporter Li Ming) fall well boy fermentation did not stop because of the end of the rescue. Since 10, the "family car driver chase save support" and "high claims" network rumors caused by hot. Yesterday morning, aunt I Odousoshi contacted the Beijing News reporter, and published a signed "Zhao Xiangyang" (Cong Cong’s father) written statement, said the family did not authorize any person to release news of the accident, in addition to grief only thanks. The evening of November 10th, the Hebei Lixian County fall well boy rescued Cong wells, then the official declaration of his death. The next day, the family will be buried Cong. For the question of network claims excesses and high prices, yesterday Cong comment "the relatives have been unable to withstand rumors." Yesterday to the Beijing news provided exclusive Cong family said in a statement, the recent major media platform and filled with a variety of non official sources, the families are in sorrow, not to pay attention to those things. The statement said that from the beginning of the rescue to the end, the family has never released nor authorized anyone to release information. For network heat transfer "compensation" issue, the statement said the family has never made any claims (requirements), and never intended to make any compensation (requirements). The statement said that the families felt relief is not easy, at all levels of government, rescue teams, the strong help of caring people, as well as the active rescue of Lixian County hospital and Baoding experts moved their families. "In addition to grief only thank you please, let the dead rest, let the living comfort."相关的主题文章: