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Double version millet 5 conference PPT suspected early exposure – Sohu digital   Zhongguancun online news: a week before the millet 5 will meet with you, then there will be a lot of news today, micro-blog mobile digital account @ uncle exposed a group of 10 suspected millet 5 conference presentation slides, PPT style, looks very rough, but the content of authenticity is very reliable. A large amount of design content and hardware configuration parameters are seen from PPT, very similar to previously exposed messages. Double version to determine   millet 5 conference PPT suspect ahead of time exposure suspected millet 5 conference PPT     from the above exposure information, millet 5 will use metal + double sided glass design, and 3GB+32GB memory and 4GB+64GB memory two versions. There are also 5.2 inches 1080p resolution, ultra narrow frame, 95%  NTSC color gamut, upgraded version of the sun screen, luminous screen, eye protection mode, double click wake up. The hardware is equipped with 820 Xiaolong clocked up to 2.2GHz independent architecture quad core processor, Adreno  530  GPU, SONY has a 26 million pixel camera camera, F large aperture 1.6, PDAF + + phase focusing laser focusing optical image stabilization, focusing the fastest in just 0.05 seconds, every 25 seconds a high-speed continuous shooting. Other aspects include infrared remote control, NFC, edge touch, 802.11ad , Wi-Fi wireless transmission function.   双版本确定 小米5发布会PPT疑提前曝光-搜狐数码 中关村在线消息:还有一周的时间小米5就要跟大家见面了,接下来会有非常多的消息曝光,今天微博数码账号@移动叔叔曝光了一组10张演示幻灯片,疑似小米5发布会的PPT,风格看上去相当粗糙,但是内容真实性却很靠谱。从PPT中看到了大量的外观设计内容以及硬件配置参数,和之前曝光的消息非常相似。 双版本确定 小米5发布会PPT疑提前曝光 疑似小米5发布会PPT    从以上曝光信息来看,小米5将会采用金属+双面玻璃的外观设计,并且有3GB+32GB内存和4GB+64GB内存两个版本。另外还有5.2英寸1080p分辨率,超窄边框,95% NTSC色域,升级版阳光屏,夜光屏,护眼模式,双击唤醒。硬件方面配有骁龙820主频达2.2GHz自主架构四核处理器、Adreno 530 GPU,拍照方面拥有索尼2600万像素主摄像头,超大光圈F 1.6,PDAF相位对焦+激光对焦+光学防抖,对焦最快只需0.05秒,每秒25张高速连拍。其他方面还有红外遥控、NFC、边缘触控、802.11ad Wi-Fi无线传输功能。  相关的主题文章: