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SEO I could turn around and say I guarantee you will have a number one Google ranking in 2 months and I could believe it myself. However, within those months lots of things could happen that make that guarantee null and void. Everyone wants number one ranking but is it actually possible to guarantee that, I think the answer is no. Any success can only be measured in the amount of additional customers or clients you get and you dont have to be at number one position to actually gain significantly, so guaranteed SEO is a bit of an urban myth. There are so many elements that go into great SEO that its just virtually impossible to guarantee SEO results. A .pany that has had great success in the past with rankings could promise they will get you up there, but so much can happen to change the criteria the promise may be misjudged. Of course we want guarantees that our investment will bring about an increase in sales or customers but is it really fair to expect that from a .pany working with an ever moving target. Anyone working in the world of SEO will tell you that they have little control over that world. They can control what they do but not what the search engines do therefore guaranteed SEO has to be tempered with reality. The end game is about the search engines and how they process a search request. Not too long back Google made significant changes to the algorithm used in searches and overnight people lost rankings they had previously held for some time. That kind of thing is not controlled by any SEO .pany. What you will find is that some .panies do offer guarantees but its what appears in the small print of such guarantees thats important. The kind of guaranteed SEO you want is that they will work with you and provide the best SEO service they can. What they can also say is they will provide details of previous search engine rankings they have gained for customers. A good SEO service will give you the truth and that is that they cant give guaranteed SEO results. That may not be what you want to hear but do listen to them. Any SEO service that does give you the absolute truth about any guarantees is one that you need to get on board. Ethical methods that follow guidance given by the search engines will improve your visibility and your ranking in searches and at the end of the day that is what you want. Yes number one ranking is the Utopian ultimate but its not an absolute guarantee that you will get there. As the online world is so diverse and businesses themselves so unique and different its impossible for anyone to guarantee your particular niche website a number one spot. Of course if you are the only person on the planet that provides certain goods or services then yes you will absolutely get number one ranking but that is on your own uniqueness rather than any SEO skills. Even the most highly skilled .pany cannot really provide guaranteed SEO so do take that into account when you search for your SEO service. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: