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Do pick up her daughter from school by a reporter called "Liu’s" victory "according to Taiwan media exposed smile when the electronic newspaper" reported on November 22nd, 23 (Chen Kaiyun) and the Hongkong businessman Joseph Lau dating for more than 10 years, Joseph Lau finally got approval, was traced to two people have been married in 18 days this month for playing Lv Lijun officially upgraded when Liu too. Become the wife of the afternoon of the 22 day as usual Gambia, pick up her daughter from school, before it won the Hong Kong media shouted "Liu Tai", she heard more tempted with a triumphant smile, looks very pleasant mood. Originally entertainment reporter Gambi, Joseph Lau won the favor, 2002 resigned from a job as a journalist went to work for Joseph Lau, after Joseph Lau gave birth to 1 more children. The day before Joseph Lau praised Gambi asks nothing of him, as Lv Lijun is insatiably avaricious and married, love. From the promotion of confidante Joseph Lau second wife Gambi, today as usual to go to school to pick up her daughter from school, the car was surrounded by the media, have called her "Liu Tai", so do not help but smile. Just happy to do happy, no matter when asked her, there is no banquet or Joseph Lau to marry him, she is not willing to disclose any information.

甘比接女儿放学 被记者叫“刘太”露胜利笑容 据台湾媒体《中时电子报》11月22日报道,甘比(陈凯韵)与香港富商刘銮雄交往十多年,终于获得刘銮雄认可,被曝两人已在本月18日申请结婚,踢走吕丽君正式升格当刘太。成为人妻的甘比,22日下午照常接女儿放学,一露面便获港媒高呼“刘太”,她听闻更忍不住露出胜利微笑,看起来心情相当愉悦。原本是娱乐记者的甘比,获刘銮雄青睐,2002年辞去记者一职前往刘銮雄公司工作,之后更为刘銮雄生下1对子女。日前刘銮雄更大赞甘比对他无所求,不像吕丽君贪得无厌,值得疼惜并与之结婚。从红粉知己晋升为刘銮雄第二任妻子的甘比,今日照常前往学校接女儿放学,一下车便被媒体包围,纷纷称她为“刘太”,让甘比不禁露出微笑。只是甘比开心归开心,无论问她何时宴客、还是刘銮雄有无求婚,她都不愿意透露任何消息。相关的主题文章: