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Fitness-Equipment For the novice or fitness expert, developing a chest blitz workout can prove to be an essential task. With the main focus on the chest area, you need to think about what exercises are best for toning and designing the chest you have been dreaming of having. When you are crafting your chest blitz workout, you will want to avoid a pattern that is repetitive, by changing things up your workout will become considerably more exciting and when you do your routine you are bound to be more focused on it. Because you are creating a blitz workout, it means it must be intense with the sole focus being on building up your muscles. You should try to avoid routines that take too much time to setup before execution. At a maximum during this intense workout you will want to take a minute switch so the routine is focused and intense. We’ll explore some of the best routines to incorporate in your chest blitz workout. Barbell Bench Press: Have this setup and ready to go in the gym. When you do this exercise it is best to lay down flat on your back and life the maximum amount of weight you can to exhaustion. Because the amount of weight you are lifting might be dangerous, make sure you have a spotter with you while you are working out. Dumbbell Bench Press: Switch between both hands and with the maximum weight you can handle do as many as you can handle before you reach muscle fatigue. Try to keep both arms doing the same weight and reps to prevent your arms and chest from developing differently. Pushups: Not everyone can see the value in pushups, but they are essential for building up your chest and keeping it maintained. With the proper position you have the ability to build solid muscle mass. It might not have the same impact as the weights will, but to give your body a breather between reps this can be a great addition. Chest Dips: From a chest dip station, you should hold yourself firmly above the dipping bar and then slowly sink and rise back to an up position and from there hold it again. During this process you are building your shoulders and upper chest muscles. For a more rounded look this exercise proves to be essential. Dumbbell Flyes: Time to breakout those dumbbells again. Instead of up in down in front of you this set will be done on the sides of your body. It is important that you focus on going slow and go as high as you can to the point where your arms and shoulders go out straight. If one side gets exhausted before the other stop, otherwise you will see significant growth only on one side. Remember that when you are creating your own chest blitz workout that you should focus on exercise routines that will keep you interested that focus on your muscles. Keep your single arm routines even and in no time you will have a strong chest that people notice. 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