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Depth: Russian navy commander in Liaoning ship to see what that complicated expressions of ridicule for western Russia called "black smoke carrier", in Chinese network is divided into two kinds of opinions are very obvious: on the one hand, some people think that the Russian aircraft carrier now faces a difficult choice, this choice is whether to continue to maintain such an already black smoke, can not exceed 20 knots speed more than combat aircraft carriers? In addition, some people believe that the Russian aircraft carrier braved the black smoke still rushed to the battlefield, is a very heroic behavior. There is also a symbol of Russia, dare to ocean sword, allowing everyone to have a new understanding of russia. But in any case, we can not avoid a problem, after thirty years of severe tests, the Russian "Kuznetsov" aircraft carrier, has been facing a grim moment, when such a grim, is because Russia is nearly 30 years since the military industry continues to decline, please note, this is "fading" is fading from the economic development and the coordinated development of the military, but also Russia needs back again, a key point of makeup. We first said the Russian aircraft carrier "black smoke" is how to create. There are a lot of pictures on the Internet show that the Russian aircraft carrier "black smoke", in fact, in the low speed state, rather than in the high-speed state. At low speeds, the Russian carrier is about 12 to 18 knots. At this rate, the actual combustion of the fuel is not sufficient. What’s more, there is a situation in the world, whether it’s a steam turbine or a gas turbine. Therefore, it can not be said that the Russian aircraft carrier is junk. But, indeed because of this situation, Russia this one called "national treasure" aircraft carrier being looked down upon, especially by the western "down" was almost not worth a hair. In fact, the lack of maintenance of the Russian aircraft carrier may be the black smoke, the crux of the problem. This is Russia cannot avoid the situation, especially the lack of professional technicians and professional soldiers, not long-term professional maintenance and maintenance. Even if the overhaul into the dock but also brush paint and wire, surface pipeline replacement. According to the memories of the Russian side, in the course of thirty years, "Kuznetsov" aircraft carrier on the steam pipeline failure at least there are at least three times, the smaller the number of failures. But these big fault maintenance and time resolved, basically is relatively complete, the "make do" said do, also because we said before, there is no professional technicians and maintenance personnel, no maintenance of aircraft spare parts supporting the professional, can only manage. Even the replacement of steam pipeline, this aircraft carrier must do, Russia is not completed very smoothly, and even part of the pipeline from the "Kuznetsov" left the shipyard the day they had not been replaced, this is unbelievable. And in the network on the picture, we can see a large number of internal "Kuznetsov" boiler room, basically in the spill and squalid conditions, although some people say that this is a "fighting nation" nature. However, according to the Navy’s combat habits, even the most difficult;相关的主题文章: