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Health The condition of your hair has a strong impact on your personal life as well as your social interaction. It gives a boost of confidence to your personality if it is strong and healthy. The same confidence can be filtered out of your life if you roam around with dead hair or a bald head. Therefore, healthy hair helps to develop .pletely different personality while hair loss and baldness can adversely affect your personality, self-esteem and confidence Hair is a part of our appearance that requires a lot of attention. We need to protect it from rough exposure and feed it with oil, nutrition and good quality shampoos. There are people who spend a lot of money so that they can avoid going through the stress of hair loss but sometimes this problem seems incurable. A vast majority of people nowadays are going through the problem of hair loss. It is a whirlpool of stress that is engulfing both men and women in its grip. Hair loss occurs due to various reasons and does so in different forms as well and baldness is one of them. Alopecia is the label given to all hair problems and diseases and it can happen to anybody in a very sudden manner. It might be rapid or might grow on a slow pace. It needs to be cured and controlled. If not taken care of properly, it is expected to result in baldness. One of the very reasons due to which hair loss problems and diseases occur includes hormonal issues and dryness. There are many well known products from different brands in the market for hair fall, but the cause of hair fall may not be because of external factors. It is advisable to consult a hair specialist instead of opting for self medication. One of the recognized health hair expert based in England is Philip Kingsley. Philip Kingsley is a professional hair specialist and has more than forty five years of experience. Philip Kingsley not only provides his expert advice for different hair problems, but also helps the clients choose the right product. According to Philip Kingsley, hair is not something that simply grow out of head, but they also effect the self esteem of a person greatly. If hair is healthy and shiny, it also increases your self esteem. The hair expert has introduced several products that can help bring the hair back to life. Philip Kingsley has explained and categorized types of Alopecia like alopecia areata, traction alopecia, male pattern alopecia, female pattern alopecia and post partum alopecia. Hair loss can be of both male and female pattern Among the types of alopecia, two types are interrelated to androgen hormone. Hair loss pattern of such diseases arises due to hormone called androgen. Hair loss diseases relating to male and female pattern are called androgen etic alopecia. Hormone androgen is a male hormone, and arises due to ge.ic issues. Some people have a belief that men highly suffer from hair loss than women. According to the opinions and researches of hair experts, men and women suffer hair loss equally, but hair loss in men gets more prominent due to baldness from fore-head, sides and back. Many products are available in the market specified for various hair losses and can help cure the problem. It just needs a bit of guidance and Philip Kingsley provides you with the desired guidance. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: