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[crude oil disk] excess supply continues to bear pressure, international oil prices rushed down, Huitong network February 15th hearing – Monday (February 15th) Asian market early, international oil prices dashed down. NYMEX crude oil futures traded near 29.13 U.S. dollars, a decrease of about 1.05%; Brent crude oil futures trading near 32.95 U.S. dollars barrels, down about 1.23%. Last Friday, the UAE’s oil minister reiterated that OPEC is willing to cooperate with other oil producing countries to reduce production and promote oil prices to rise, but the oversupply problem in the short term can not be eased, and the market is still bearish oil prices. Last Friday, New York oil prices hit the biggest increase in 7 years. New York Mercantile Exchange in March delivery WTI crude oil rose $3.05, the settlement price of $29.26, the largest rise since 2009 February. Brent crude futures on April at ICE futures exchange in London rose $2.85 to $32.91, or 9.5%. (the U.S. NYMEX crude oil futures contract prices in March on the daily chart, chart time for EST, photograph: Peng Bo (pictured above) ICE Brent crude oil futures contract prices in April on the daily chart, chart time for EST, photograph: Peng Bo WTI on Friday) crude oil surged more than 11%, approaching $30 mark on Thursday, the main reason is the UAE’s energy minister said OPEC for collaborative production, and added that said the low oil prices are forcing cuts. The dealer also believes that in order to obtain cash to repay debt and pay the cost of U.S. oil producers forward market release to buy high hedge products, this also for soaring oil prices to push on the role. With regard to the problem of OPEC production reduction, it is argued that even if global production does not remain at the present level, the inventory crisis will not be resolved. Hastings Seaport Global analyst Richard Securities said the macro strategy, unless the OPEC will cut oil production from 32 million 300 thousand barrels a day to 31 million 500 thousand barrels a day, will help to solve the supply problem; unless OPEC cut news immediately confirmed, otherwise the increase in oil prices will not continue. According to Reuters quoted the Nigeria Emmanuel Ibe Kachiwku long oil, OPEC on oil prices the mood is changing, each member is towards a closer consensus that action must be in the low end of the global oil prices; although last December OPEC meeting when members for their respective positions, but basically no communication. Now they are paying attention to what is inferior to what choice of the optimal price. German commercial banks predicted in a report that efforts to reduce production will push oil prices back to the highest 50 dollars by the end of the year. Oil futures in the United States for the next five years were trading below $50 on Friday, only after November 2021. But analysts point out that they think it is almost impossible for OPEC and non OPEC producers to agree on a common policy, and that capacity is too much to talk about

【原油盘初】供应过剩持续承压,国际油价冲高回落   汇通网2月15日讯——周一(2月15日)亚市盘初,国际油价冲高回落。NYMEX原油期货交投于29.13美元 桶附近,跌幅约1.05%;布伦特原油期货交投于32.95美元 桶附近,跌幅约1.23%。上周五阿联酋石油大臣重申OPEC愿意与其他产油国合作减产,推动油价大涨,但短期内供应过剩问题仍无法得到缓解,市场仍看跌油价。   上周五纽约油价创出7年最大涨幅。纽约商业交易所3月份交割的WTI原油上涨3.05美元,结算价报29.26美元,创下2009年2月份以来最大上涨。伦敦ICE欧洲期货交易所4月份交割的布伦特原油期货上涨2.85美元,至32.91美元,涨幅9.5%。   (上图为美国NYMEX原油期货3月合约价格日线图,图上时间为美国东部时间,图片来源:彭博)   (上图为ICE布伦特原油期货4月合约价格日线图,图上时间为美国东部时间,图片来源:彭博)   WTI原油上周五暴涨逾11%,逼近30美元关口,主要原因是周四阿联酋能源部长透露欧佩克准备协同减产,并且补充说明称,低油价正迫使减产。交易商还认为,为获取现金用以偿还债务和支付成本,美国产油商正向市场释放以高价买入的对冲产品,这同时也为油价暴涨起到推泼助澜的作用。   关于OPEC减产的问题,有分析认为即使全球产量保持在目前水平不增加,库存危机也不会被解决。Seaport Global Securities的宏观策略分析师Richard Hastings称,除非OPEC削减将石油产量从3230万桶 日到3150万桶 日,才会对解决供应问题有所帮助;除非OPEC减产消息立刻得到确认,否则油价增长不会继续。   据路透援引尼日利亚油长Emmanuel Ibe Kachiwku称,欧佩克内部对油价的情绪正在发生变化,各成员国正在朝向一个共识靠拢:即必须有所行动终结全球油价处于低位的状况;尽管去年12月欧佩克会议时各成员国因为各自的立场,基本上没有交流,但现在他们正在关注什么是劣势,什么选择对油价最优。   德国商业银行在一份报告中预计,减产等努力将在年底前推动油价反弹至最高50美元。未来五年的美国原油期货上周五均在50美元之下交投,只有2021年11月之后的合约升至该水准之上。但有分析师指出,他们认为OPEC和非OPEC产油国之间几乎不可能就共同政策达成一致,而产能过剩所导致的低油价情况可能持续下去。澳新银行表示,OPEC在减产方面做出协同回应的可能性极低。   彭博周日(2月14日)报道称,一艘隶属法国道达尔公司的油轮正在伊朗哈尔克港口装船,这将是伊朗在解除制裁后首次有油轮运往欧洲,意味着全球原油供应将陆续上升;数据显示伊朗1月原油产量为286万桶 日,有伊朗媒体援引石油部官员消息称,伊朗准备先向欧洲运输400万桶原油,其中有近200万桶将经由法国道达尔公司运抵,其余则由俄罗斯与西班牙油轮托运。   据Oilprice报道称,由极端组织“财政部”泄漏的文件显示,极端组织油田受到轰炸,以及运送原油的货车受到袭击,致使 ISIS雇佣兵被迫降薪。如今,极端组织将视线转向利比亚,希望利用该国内乱控制新的石油产量。   北京时间9:39,美原油报29.07美元 桶,布伦特原油报32.95美元 桶。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: