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Arts-and-Entertainment Dolls are highly collectible as well as being a little girl’s favorite plaything. Sadly, the two are not really compatible as to keep value in your doll collection it needs to be in as good a condition as possible – ideally, in its original packaging. The fantastical and whimsical are super-popular right now. Youngsters are delving into fantasy worlds in books and films like the Twilight series. Whimsical dolls are just as imaginative, but come from a rather more innocent place from the dark worlds of vampires and even the conflict torn worlds of Middle Earth in the Lord of the Rings – although, hobbits might fairly be described as whimsical creatures. In fact, there’s even innocence to the construction of whimsical dolls, many of which are knitted and sewn or made of rags and which show a deliberate disregard for realism and take a child’s eye view of the world. While many fantasy products can have a darkness to them, whimsy is non-threatening and fun – far more likely to be pixies than trolls. That doesn’t mean, however, that they are just for children, and collecting whimsical dolls can be a rewarding and even financially worthwhile hobby for any adult. The usual rules for any collector apply: always keep your eyes open, in any store, yard sale or thrift store you might find just the whimsical doll you are looking for. Many are lovingly home-made for a child and although such an item will take many years to appreciate in value, you may be so charmed that you feel you have to pick it up. Of course, while you can make you own dolls, there are companies who specialize in them. Take a stroll through eBay to find specialist shops and for a wonderful array of whimsical toys and collectibles. Whimsical dolls tend to look towards the past and are the sort of thing any mother would have been able to put together for their children from rags and spare cloth. Try auctions for older examples, keeping a particular eye out for job lots of children’s playthings. Antiques stores too – particularly those which major in the cottage chic look – are worth a look. Of course, you can make your own, and popular collectible dolls are still made today and even aimed at adults. For example, Carold Linda Lewis, an artist from the North West, makes dolls based on the likes of Elvis and Dolly Parton and charges up to $150 a time. Copyright (c) 2010 Ian Campbell About the Author: The Ashton-Drake Galleries and Integrity Toys are proud to announce The Brides of Dracula , the first issue in our new Couture Fantasy line partnership. Couture Fantasy blends high fashion with imaginative story lines. For The Brides of Dracula this means re-imagining Bram Stoker’s beautiful, sultry, and dangerous vampire brides in stunning outfits made of rich, sumptuous fabrics. Visit Dracula’s Brides at Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Arts-and-Entertainment 相关的主题文章: