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Chong Wa Dae Han Secretary alleged to convey confidential documents to Cui Shunshi detained the original title: Korean Chong Wa Dae Secretary alleged to convey 4 according to South Korean media reports to Cui Shunshi confidential detained in November, 4, South Korean prosecutors said, "the president cronies politics door core figures a and former Chong Wa Dae affiliated Secretary Zheng Hucheng on the 3 day later detained, prosecutors are investigating whether to convey confidential documents to the Chong Wa Dae incident party Cui Shunshi. Reported that Cui Shunshi accused of reviewing the presidential speech, including diplomatic speeches, diplomatic security secrets and other government documents, and Zheng Hucheng alleged to convey these documents to the Cui Shunshi. It is reported that the tablet computer used for suspected Cui Shunshi was found in the store more than 200 copies of government documents and files, these files folder contains the user name "narelo" is usually used in the name Zheng Hucheng. The Mir consortium controlled by Cui Shunshi former Secretary General Lee had said in an interview, Zheng Hucheng almost every day to 30 cm thick president report to Cui Shunshi, Cui Shunshi will review these data. The prosecution intends to investigate the process of leakage of the document, Zheng Hucheng, 5, Xu brought the arrest warrant. On the other hand, Cui Shunshi was arrested in the evening of 3. Seoul central district court believes that the facts of the crime of Cui Shunshi is clear, the reason for the arrest and the necessity of full, so the 3 issue of the prosecution investigation of the special department of the arrest warrant brought by the Ministry of Cui Shunshi. Prosecutors in the longest 20 days of various doubts on Cui Shunshi to carry out further investigation, including the Mir consortium and the K sports syndication process and Cui Shunshi misappropriation of funds, government intervention document review consortium government, forcing some large corporate funds, daughter Jeong by unfair means such as admission. Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: