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China tourists to Jeju Island to the industry: visa entry is not directly – Sohu news CNR net Jeju Island on October 9th news (reporter Ren Mengyan Yu Zhongtao) according to the Chinese voice of "news" reported that in recent years, due to the implementation of the visa policy of China tourists, Jeju Island has become one of the most popular outbound destinations, many in China people love to take Jeju Island as the first stop of their country! However, this year’s "eleven" holiday, for many Chinese tourists, the planned "Jeju Tour" has become a "Airport tour". The number of tourists to the media to reflect, in travel to Jeju Island area, because the materials are not complete or answer questions let the officer not satisfied, was refused entry to, in a windowless, can only sleep on the floor of the detention room to spend their holidays. The tourists were refused entry into a South Korean Consulate in Jeju, China said, is currently communicating with the ROK, also said that the Jeju Island Chinese visa does not mean direct entry, for whom allowed entry, South Korea has its own criteria, only to see the inspection staff any suspicious cases can to tourists, China border to foreigners will also take such measures. Mr. Zhang from Jiangsu of Nanjing and his wife in October 6th to travel to Jeju Island, at the time of entry, because no print for hotel bookings, by the South Korean border refused entry: "here when the security they stopped us down, we ask what procedures, we all look to them, he said we have no hotel print orders, say no to hold us in here, I set the hotel and airline ticket are." Subsequently, Mr. Zhang and his wife were taken to the airport’s mandatory isolation room, in this twenty or thirty square meters, no windows in the small room, he found that there are many Chinese people are there, waiting for home. According to Mr. Zhang to reporters photos, the room with no windows, no facilities in addition to the charging socket, people can only sit at night, sleeping on the floor: "people came to the crowded inside, the evening can only sleep on the floor, give you a quilt, most of the time a room to sleep about dozens of No. people like the same detention." Mr. Zhang asked that we be refused entry to the grounds of a wide variety, from Chengdu’s Mr. Zhao said that he and his father together through tours to Jeju Island tourism, he and other members across the border, but his father was detained under, or not, in the hotel provides information and other information helpless. He had to give up travel to accompany his father: "I have been through, and my father didn’t come back, I can only. My dad Mandarin is not good, they may not understand the border, my dad pulled the reason, what are not, hotels, our personal information to him, or not, on the 6 day, more than and 40 men came in." From Tianjin, Mr. Cheng on the evening of 7 arrived in Jeju Island, he said, because the answer is what will be refused entry local places of historic interest and scenic beauty, "last night more than 10 points to, asked me why I go abroad to play a tour to South Korea, said, he said you know Jeju Island I say no to places of historic interest and scenic beauty. No.相关的主题文章: