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Chinese enterprise for Philippines reclamation 208 hectares have been filled in the South China Sea Island Map: "day whale dredger fill had the original title: Island in the South China Sea Chinese enterprises, will be Philippines reclamation 208 hectares recently, Huangyan island was originally due to tense relations between China and the Philippines is a dramatic shift in the South China Sea massive land reclamation Chinese company" in the dredging to Philippines reclamation. According to the Beijing Youth Daily reported on October 24th, in the days before dredging (Group) Limited by Share Ltd and development company of Philippines port Mega Harbour signed 208 hectares of land reclamation reclamation project agreement, the task will be completed by the end of 2019. The project is located in the south of Philippines in Mindanao, Davao City, Davao Bay project will be carried out along the coastline of about 8 kilometers of land reclamation, land reclamation area of 208 hectares, four island development and construction, and will be used by the government, commercial, residential, public port and industrial etc.. Mega Harbour development company partners is a well-known port construction contractor R-II BUILDERS group in Philippines and Southeast Asia subsidiary, R-II BUILDERS group has a good performance in civil engineering and infrastructure, marine engineering, city complex development, has significant advantages in economy, equipment and social resources, and in turn with dredging broad areas of cooperation. The day before the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement, the two sides held a pragmatic and friendly talks. Chairman Zhou Jingbo said in the dredging project, Davao cooperation marks in the Philippines port construction enterprises a new step in the joint development, hope that the joint efforts of both sides, to become a model of cooperation between businesses of the two countries. The specific method of land reclamation is first used sandbags to circle the certain area of the sea, and then use the pump out of the circle of sand seabed with seawater with "blowing" into the circle, outflow of water outside the ring, sand was down in the circle of filter bag. Gradually, the circle of the sea was constantly blowing into the sand fill into land. In China, Hebei, Tangshan, Caofeidian Nanpu oilfield base are using this method of manufacturing. It is nature in the South China Sea "in March 2015 established the dredging extraordinary as if done by the spirits", China has the largest and most advanced dredging fleet, trailing suction dredger total cabin capacity and its total installed power ranks first in the world, is built in the Chinese Chinese government "The Belt and Road" strategy under the guidance of "five business" the implementation of the strategy of the establishment of specialized sub group. In the dredging is committed to customer to provide foreign dredging, land reclamation, dredging the post dredging services and environmental protection and marine business related one-stop service, to become the world’s first effort to build the project, marine heavy port machinery manufacturing and integrators, and to promote the participation of city development. According to the British Jane’s information group (IHS Jane s) analysis of satellite images, most of the giant barge operations made island in the South China Sea, is one of the three major Chinese submitted by dredging subsidiary of Tianjin Waterway Bureau Co Ltd (Tianjin Dredging Company) operation. Tianjin Waterway Bureau currently owns the ship, including the "whale", the ship"相关的主题文章: